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I belong to the landcomm [ profile] tvholics and for one of our challenges we were supposed to create two new characters for any two shows, past or present. For totally random reasons I picked Man From U.N.C.L.E. and The Big Bang Theory.

Chastity Irons in the Man from U.N.C.L.E.

U.N.C.L.E. is more than an organization that has the world's best secret agents, it's on the forefront of spy gadgetry and the person who is responsible for most of this amazing technology is Chastity Irons, known in-house as "The Gadget Girl". Starting out as an agent-in-training, she was deemed unfit to be a field agent due to her tendency to become obsessed with minor details and her inability to follow orders if she disagreed with them. However, those same traits, along with a love of all things technological, made her the perfect addition to the Research and Development section of U.N.C.L.E. Always finding new ways to advance, minimize or disguise the cool toys used by the field agents, Chastity has become an invaluable asset to the organization and is beloved and revered by all the top agents -- as long as she stays in the lab and out of the field.

Played by Diane Farr:

Jonathan Dillinger Moore in The Big Bang Theory

Jonathan Dillinger Moore grew up in Penny's hometown, he was three years older than her and was the football quarterback hero of her first two years of high school -- he was Big Man on Campus and led their team to three state championships. He left for college on a football scholarship without ever interacting with Penny, but no one ever lived up to the dream world that Penny built around "J-Dilly, Football God". Even after all these years, she recognized him immediately when he walked into the Cheesecake Factory. He's new to town, with a new job and looking for a place to live, so Penny offers to help him get to know the area -- and maybe live a little of the fantasy she has held for so long.

Leonard’s concern over Penny’s new infatuation – even though she insists it’s purely platonic – is an added stress to his already stressful life: a new physicist has come to C-Tech, the brilliant and charismatic Dr. Jonathan Dillinger Moore. Dr. Moore is everything that Leonard wants to be, confident, personable and award-winning. Even Sheldon likes him. He’s quickly popular among the students and staff at the college and is quickly making friends in the community.

It takes almost a month for Penny and Leonard to discover that Leonard’s Dr. Moore and Penny’s J-Dilly is the same person. The revelation is disturbing for both of them. Leonard finds it categorically unfair that Dr. Moore had a sports-hero childhood without any of the usual prerequisite torture that comes with being a brilliant scientist. Penny is suddenly afraid that her growing attraction to J-Dilly isn’t because of some long held high school crush but because he’s smart and reminds her of Leonard.

After several weeks of growing stress between Leonard and Penny, things finally come to a head. They argue but finally come the conclusion that they still belong together. However, that’s small comfort when Dr. Moore gets a prestigious research grant that Leonard was trying for. In an effort to boost Leonard’s ego, Penny lists all the reasons she chose Leonard over J-Dilly, but she quickly runs out of items. It’s at this point that Sheldon pipes in with “Leonard isn’t gay, Dr. Moore is” – a fact that everyone seems to be aware of except for Penny and Leonard.

Played by Jeremy Renner

And, just because I can (and I like it), here is my sig for the comm:
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