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This popped up on facebook and I had to share because it is awesome:

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[ profile] tvrealm has A Challenge of Doing Things. You were supposed to make eight images of some one doing something. I'm sharing here because I love Jack Bauer with a gun. I'm easy that way.

A gun is the best accessory... )
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Title: Choices
Fandom: 24
Characters: Jack Bauer
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1000
Warnings/Spoilers: It's a 24 fic, people.
Disclaimer: Fanfic, for fun, not profit.
Notes: Written for Fox LAS.

It&@39;s wrong to kill. )
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Title: Unfound
Fandom: Dresden Files, 24
Characters: Harry Dresden, Jack Bauer
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 200
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Fanfic, for fun, not profit.
Notes: Written for the LJ Comm Cossoverland. One of the fandoms had to be a book fandom.

Locating things. Finding people. Even the simplest job could go bad-- kneeling-at-gunpoint-in-a-dark-ally bad.

"Who are you?" The gunman's voice was soft and low, deadly as his weapon.

"Harry Dresden," I skipped 'wizard' but added, "Private Investigator."

"What do you want with me?"

"I was hired to find you."

He scoffed. "You found me." He moved closer, poised and ready, my dislocated shoulder proof he didn't need the gun to be dangerous. He dropped to a crouch, his face even with mine. "Now what?" Our eyes met.

Soldier. Killer. Violent, ruthless, deadly. Honorable, righteous, loyal. A fierce burning passion for justice. A desire not to hurt warring with a readiness to do so. Pain. Loneliness. Fear.

He blinked, breaking the connection and fighting to process his side of the soul-gaze. I hoped whatever he'd seen made me trustworthy.

I stayed still, spoke softly. "Now? I say I can't find you."

"Huh." He half-smiled and stood, putting away his pistol. "Sorry about your arm." In two steps he blended into the darkness.

I gathered my staff and hauled myself to my feet, nursing my arm the best I could. I'd return the advance, quit the job.

Some things were better left unfound.
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Title: Fictional
Fandom: 24
Characters: Jack Bauer
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1000
Warnings/Spoilers: Set after the end of the series.
Disclaimer: Fanfic, for fun, not profit.
Summary: Written for [ profile] fox_las on the prompt "[character] reads a book about themselves". One of the reasons I joined this LAS is so that I could write 24 fic for it. I'm still not sure if it's a good idea to write fic for small fandoms in a LAS, but the fic received on positive vote, so it wasn't a complete mistake... Mind you Glee and House are the two big fandoms, with Bones a close third. I'm excited that FX shows can be used, so I'm thinking that I may write a Justified fic.


Jack Bauer opened his locker (the one labeled with his name: Paul Travis) and tossed his coat into it, grabbing his tool belt. )
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Day 09 - Best scene ever

Best scene ever? I'm going to fail at this, just sayin'.

I usually don't think in terms of scenes. I think more in terms of themes and motifs and characters and plots, and yes, I know that scenes (especially well-written scenes) are needed to show all of that, but to understand the importance of the scene you have to know everything that came before.

A good scene is one that is the culmination of any of those above elements. A truly great scene is one that includes all four. And yes, to me, plot is the least important of those four, because I'm weird that way. If a scene gives me theme and motif and character, I will forgive it if it is weak on plot. If it's weak on the former three, even the best plot development won't elevate the scene to best status. Which is probably why I'm not fond of "O. Henry" plot twists. They don't deal with the things I love, but instead just focus on circumstances of plot.

As usual, there are my disclaimers. On to the main event:

My choice for "Best Scene Ever": Ryan Chappelle's execution scene in Day 3 of '24'. (Season 3, episode 18 -- "Day 3: 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m.")

I know that's rather a gruesome best scene but it covers all my criteria. Oddly enough, there are very few caps and no videos of this great scene. Actually, I pretty sure that seeing the scene without knowing everything that leads up to it won't have the same impact, so it's probably best. The scene has everything I love about the show. It has the untenable no-win scenario. It has characters making impossible sacrifices. It takes Ryan Chappelle, a character who up to this scene was only a narrow-minded bureaucrat and thorn in the side of Jack and gives him depth. More than that, it shows that Ryan Chappelle's approach was good and solid and no less valid than Jack's own.

It shows the toll on Jack for doing what he does. It shows regret and pain and loss. The scene is quiet and it filmed beautifully. I think it's the first use of the "Silent Clock" on the show. Sean Callery's score is awesome and powerful.

I like happy endings, I really do. '24' is totally not in that category and this scene is opposite that desire, but there is something about it that is perfect. I know that the show is known for killing off characters, but Ryan's death was a bold stroke. No one liked the character and yet they made him completely sympathetic. Jack is obviously executing an innocent man, someone who he knows and works with - this isn't self-defense, in fact it's questionable as to whether it's even in defense of others. It clearly showed the pain that Jack felt in doing what he had did, and yet it shows that he felt obligated to do it. Jack's sense of duty and honor is clear in this scene, as is the price he pays for being who he is.

It's not a scene I flip in and watch repeatedly. There are other scenes that I do that with, good scenes that fill me with glee and joy and romance. But I think I'll stick with this as being the "best".
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So this is the end.

Nobody does it better than Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brian )

I admit it, I lucked out on the ending of the show. It's exactly what I like. To me, it was the perfect finale.
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I watched the Lost finale but I had lost interest in it years ago. Therefore I'm not the person to ask how that finale was. The most important thing to know about it is this: The ending was a perfect fit for the show. The things that bothered me about the ending were the things that bothered me about the show. This doesn't make the show bad, it just means that it's not my kind of show. The parts I loved (and there were many) just couldn't overcome the lack of what I really needed.

Why do I bring this up? Because tonight is the series finale of the show I really care about: 24. Like Lost there's no real middle ground to liking the show. You either do or you don't. Like Lost, if you stopped watching the show because it didn't give you what you needed, the finale probably won't either. Like Lost if you loved it, then you loved it in spite of (or perhaps because of) it's storytelling limitations.

I'm hoping that, like the Lost finale, the end of 24 bring more of what it has already given us.

It looks like it should: According to The Globe and Mail’s John Doyle, the series finale “is merciless action drama, pointedly bloody and steeped in paranoia. It’s also a satisfying ending for a series that has, by turns, been ridiculous and brilliant.” Sounds good to me.

Sounds perfect to me.

I know some people are disappointed that President Allison Taylor didn't turn out to be the same stalwart supporter of Jack that President David Palmer was, but that's not the way of the 24-verse. Jack stands alone -- or he works with others who are equally outside the system. I also like the idea that Jack is doing what he thinks is his only option. It's what he's always done. It just so happens that Jack's sense of justice and necessity aligned with what those in power. This season is pushing the question: What would Jack do if he believes those in power will not do what is just and necessary?

The 24 universe has always been one of "merciless action drama, pointedly bloody and steeped in paranoia". It's like a high-octane philosophy discussion where the papers are written with guns and blood. There is no right or wrong there's just the choices that are made and the full-ahead drive to make those decisions be the right ones.

I'm sure the finale will give me that.
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There are a lot of shows I like. There are quite a few shows that I love. I tend to be an equal opportunity fangirl and I like fangirling, so I pick up shows on the fly.

But my favorite show, if forced to chose under threat of "aggressive interrogation", would have to be 24. It feeds my dark side without having to root for bad buys -- which I just can't do. There's so much about this show that I love. The character of Jack Bauer and Kiefer Sutherland's passion for the show and character top the list. I love the over-the-top action and melodramatic philosophical, moral and ethical dilemmas. I love the fact that it just keeps pushing forward. As much as I hate losing characters I love, I love the fact that anyone can die. (In fact I'm almost half convinced that all the talk of a 24 movie is just misdirection and Jack is going to die at the end of the series.) The show is far from perfect. It's limited by it's real-time format and it's write-it-as-we-go constraints: Subplots are dropped without any explanation. Great characters disappear before they have a chance to really grow. Really terrific possible subplots never happen. Character development is often overrun by the immediateness of the plot.

But that's all details. Every show's premise and format sets up limitations on what kind of stories can be told. You have to focus on the story that it can tell. And 24 tells great stories. The show has never failed to provide the trills and suspense that it promises. More than that it gives us Jack Bauer. And come Monday it will give us it's two hour series finale.

I would watch another season, but I understand why they are ending it. I think when the writers and the actors feel that they have done all they can do, it's time to move on. I'm also happy that they are going forward with movies. The different format, especially if they drop the realtime aspect of it, will allow the show to tell slightly different stories. I'm looking forward to that. They may have exhausted all the stories available in the television format, but movies... I can't wait to see the stories that they tell in the movie.

However, in honor of the end, I give you Jack: 8 seasons, 192 Hours 11,520 minutes of awesome!

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I'm behind in posting these, but I love them so I'm sharing:

Hour 5: 8 pm - 9 pm  )

Hour 6: 9 pm - 10 pm )

Hour 6: 10 pm - 11 pm )

Jack still rocks. Renee is awesome. I love this show.
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I found these two vids on the 24 facebook page. They were also linked on the 24 twitter page. I just didn't catch them because I wasn't home much of the day. From what I gather, these little humorous recaps of the latest episodes are sponsored by the producers of 24 themselves.

Watch and laugh!

Recap of 4 pm - 6 pm:
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Recap of 6 pm - 8 pm:
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Oh. It looks good. YAY!

[Error: unknown template video]

"Who is Jack Bauer?" Heh. Poor guy. He'll be lucky if Jack doesn't end up killing him at some point. And Jack's last line -- "I hate this place." That so kills me.

I so adore 24!
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Band concert and awards tonight.

Which means I'm watching 24 two hours late.

I so love my DVR.
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There is no 24 without Jack. Kiefer Sutherland is what makes this show so good. I just don't see how anyone can carry the weight of this show as well as he does.

We're running out of time! )

I have more. Thoughts on Tony and Jack. And Renee. But they deserve their own post.

Three episodes, two weeks. This show is going to kill me.
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I love this season. I can’t believe that there is only five episodes left! 57 brands of spoiler beneath )

I am totally loving this season!
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This season has rocked and it looks only to be getting better.

I didn't hate last season. Despite last season's problems (and it was the weakest season so far), the basic premise of the show is just as good as when it started. This season has been wonderful so far, managing to keep on the fine line between ALL ACTION ALL THE TIME and the more subtle political/personal drama.

It looks like the tension and set up is going to start hitting it's stride.

From the USA Today:
Indeed, anyone with any affection for 24 is likely to love tonight's outing, which finds the series hitting one of its periodic reset buttons. But it's more than just a pivotal episode; it's a nearly ideal one, with some longed-for resolution, an emotional reconciliation, an exciting central sequence, and at least one surprise that's sure to leave you gasping.

I think I'm stay up late to watch this one tonight!
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Tonight 24 was on at 8.

Tonight, at 8, I was at a (wonderful) band concert.

I won't get to watch tonights episode until Thursday (I wait to watch it with Wil at some point when Myr isn't around. The only time that really works is Thursday when he is off and I am home an hour for lunch).

I did, however, get home just in time to watch previews for next week.

*makes incoherent whimpering noises*

This year, this show can kill me with the previews alone.
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I just finished watching tonight's 24. Oh yeah. I love this show. I can tell you now that it is the one thing that wasn't on the show that's going to cause the most commentary! They have always said that "the clock" was a character on the show, but I absolutely adore how they used it. TPTB know how obseesive the fans are and how they pick apart every little thing. The end editing choice had to be deliberate. I can't wait to read what is said about it.

I will, however, have to wait until tomorrow.

Although I'm not sure watching 24 just before bed is a good idea!
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So YAY for 24. The two hour premier was on tonight, followed by another two hours tomorrow night. Then I get to wait a week between new eps.

I loved it. I'm gald that they are keeping Jack, Jack. I like the new characters and I'm willing to give them the time to explain what's happening to the old characters. It had some nice action and the necessary exposition heavy scenes were don't in short, digestible bits. While I didn't hate last season, I am looking forward to the show being more cohesive this season.

I'm greatly amused that Jack is being used to threaten people. I'm even more amused that they treat him like sweating dynamite -- jostle him and he'll go off. I like the much more relaxed Jack we have. I love the Jack that looking for personal answers and look forward to seeing where they go with him.

Philosophical question: Dabaku, one ne of the people behind the attacks, says that “Your government killed my brother and tried to kill me” and that now it would pay the price for that. In actual fact, Jack killed his brother – so is Jack responsible for what is happening? I know there is this whole “should the US step in to stop a genocide within a sovereign nations borders” question going on and the President is authorizing military action, but if Jack wouldn’t have killed Dubaku’s brother – if he would have just let the kids been taken as child soldiers – would none of this happened? Or is it that poor Jack just can't do anything that doesn't become a national security issue?

I do find that watching 24 can lead to a warped view of other shows. Whenever someone mentions a time limit on a show I automatically look at the clock. I love the fact that a fifteen minute deadline in 24 is actually fifteen minutes of screen time. I have to remember that in, say, Man From UNCLE, it can be any where from five minutes to 20 minutes of screen time.

Then there's the fact that there are very few people you can trust in 24. Not everyone is bad, but everyone has there own agenda. I tend to second guess everyone's actions and trust none of them. Myria yells at me when I start doing that in other shows. Although I'm always happy to find out the character I really liked is actually a good guy after all.

Then there's the pleasant surprise to find that not all shows kill their characters off. I do have to admit that 24 really only killed off one character unexpectedly, but I'm sure that the death toll of characters I like will start to climb pretty quickly. I do prefer, in most of my other shows, that the question is how will they get out of the situation rather than will they get out.

It's a small price to pay, though, because I love the show.

WOOT! Jack is back.

Long live Jack.
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I can't express my glee at having 24 to talk about again! Just *GLEE*

I've been staying clear of spoilers for the movie and the show, which is odd for me because usually I'm all about being Spoiler Girl. I do know the basic premise for the next season, though, and have watched the previews for the 24:Redemption movie.

I have this one... thought. It's not really about the series or the upcoming season, but rather about how they connect the two. It's just speculation and not spoilers, but I'm cutting it anyhow )
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The Great Luke Ski (a comedy musician) has done a song about Jack. Go and listen.

It is here.

My favorite line: "Nothing can stop Jack, except a writer's stike". Heh.

Go. Enjoy.

(Cross-posted, sorry if you've seen it already)

Luke Ski is great. He's a bit too much rap for me to love him, but I can pick and choose the songs I like. I'm a SciFi geek anyhow, so much of what he sings about makes me smile. Before this song, my favorite song of his was "A Man Named Jayne".

I'll get to see him preform it live at Convergence. Yay!
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After real life and pneumonia sidelined me for six long weeks, I have finally caught up. Huzzah!

I was almost afraid to watch the episodes, what with the comments I've seen around the Internet. However, I liked the episodes. Where the greatest eps of 24 ever? Well, maybe the last hour was. Other than that, no. But they were good. I love Tom Lennox. I wish Tom and Karen could have more screen time together. I want them to plot to save the Presidency/US. That said, I don't hate Palmer. Doyle has grown on me. His "Damn, Jack" in the last episode was dead on perfect. Everyone was gripping that there was too much about Morris and his drinking problem, but outside of one mention of Milo being concerned about it, it wasn't mentioned. In my opinion the whole "dysfunctional" CTU bit is much less noticeable than other years.

I think, however, that the show suffers when Jack isn't on screen. I think that has more to do with a lack of real tension in non-action scenes. I don't know why. Of course, I hated the whole President/Vice President thing in Day 2, so disliking this comes as no surprise. It doesn't help that the VP is so one-dimensional he could be a stick-figure. I just don't care because I can't see why anyone would believe the VP was anything but a power-mad maniac. And you know, Palmer saying "tell those who voted against me that there will be no repercussions" really, really stupid. They should be out the door and rubbing their asses where the asphalt burned them as they bounced dow the road. The reasoning is simple: The cabinet serves as the discretion of and for the pleasure of the President. If they so blatantly turn against the President, they have to go.

And now: the new episode. Huzzah!

Ooooops! Meant to post this to [ profile] 24_forever. I'll post it there, too, but I'm still going to leave it here.
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I have used the term 'OMG' more times in talking about these two episodes than I have ever used in my life on the web.

My daughter, while crying, told me she hated everything about the show, including me who "made" her watch it. She then told me at least three different icons that she wants to make from the episode. She also asked if we were going to tape Heroes next week. Which I take to mean she wants to watch '24' in real time. I am evil. She also told me that Jack needs a hug and cookies. And months of intense psychiatric help. She'd got this show pegged.

I love all the little things this show does that 'sells' each moment cut because of TMI, really )

I just love the whole damn show.
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I watch the show with my husband and daughter. That's the main reason I didn't read any spoilers or watch the episodes when they were up on the web. It is also the reason most of my immediate comments get spoken to them rather than recorded here.

Still... what a start.

President Palmer -- I never had a big problem with Wayne in Day 3. I think the problem came with David's way of handling the problems in Day 3, still, I don't see him as great President until he learns two things: 1) the President needs to make up his own mind, not just go with the strongest voice in the room and 2) Jack Bauer is always right. David Palmer understood lesson 2 almost immediately and he did pretty good with lesson 1. There is hope that Wayne will get up to speed pretty soon. He especially needs to learn lesson 2.

CTU -- I like the feel of CTU this season. I liked Milo the first time around and it's good to see him back in a position that shows that some people to manage to live and prosper in 24's LA. I like Morris and Chloe is an absolute wonder. It's obvious that having Morris around is good for her. It's also nice to see her snark back, because that's what I loved about Chloe first. And Bill Buchanan. How I love that man. I'm very glad to see that he was still in charge of the CTU. It was also great to see him having a good relationship with the people at CTU, including Chloe. And married to Karen Hayes. The CTU may be a death trap for most, but it also seems to be Cupid's hangout.

Assad -- Alexander Siddig is wonderful. I sure have missed him since DS9. He's perfect in the part and has a great on screen presence with Kiefer. I'm hoping they manage to keep him around for a while. I really like the way the character views Jack. There is an obvious puzzlement in how Jack goes about doing things, as if he just doesn't quite know what to make of him. Which I understand because I've been watching for six seasons now and I still don't know what to make of Jack.

Faiyd -- This is a nice bad guy. I doubt he will be around for the entire season (although they did do it in Day 4). He's ruthless and driven. And because he hates Jack for something that Jack did, it will help cut back on all the whining from people who want the terrorists to have a "real" reason for their attacks on the US. And by real, they usually mean one that can be blamed on the US. Me? I don't care one way or the other. Hatred doesn't have to be based on anything concrete, but the personal hatred of Jack will lead to some interesting character moments.

The family and the terrorist -- This had some very interesting scenes in it. When the racist thug was beating up the kid, it was wrong, but yet he wasn't wrong the kid was a terrorist. I love how the show plays with the concepts like that -- you can't really take either side. Well, except for the family who was just doing the right thing and is doing the right thing for someone who would just as likely kill them as look at them. Can't fault them for that, but you can feel for them when everything is going south.

I'll have more detailed thoughts, later.
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What I find most interesting about this list is that there are some very true, very real statements in among the expected joke-ones.

Counterterrorism Expert, Los Angeles

Fuck diplomacy.

Actions speak louder than words. Though shouting can also be effective.

If you shoot a man's wife in the knee and he still doesn't give you the information, he's bad.

Revenge is the cruelest trick. I've seen it taken out on others, I've been victim to it, I've even done it myself. But it doesn't change anything, and it doesn't bring comfort.

Trust is the key to survival. And by trust, I mean getting out of the way and letting me do what I need to do.

The only thing harder than racing to stop a madman from releasing a deadly virus that will kill thousands of people is doing it while simultaneously trying to kick heroin.

I've been beaten, kidnapped, gassed, and shot at, but the most terrifying thing I've ever been through was facing my daughter after I made her believe I was dead.

I eat a lot of bananas. They're a good source of vitamin B and potassium. They're also easy to take on the move.

Love is a privilege.

If you have to trust someone, make it a quirky computer genius.

If I say "dammit," either something bad just happened, something bad is about to happen, or I'm going to do something drastic.

Any man can make a mistake. It's what he does to remedy that mistake that shows his character.

You better know who you are before you go undercover. If you don't, you could easily lose yourself.

Always carry at least one spare fully charged cell-phone battery.

So many times when I thought there was no more time, there was.

When interrogating a suspect, I've often found it effective to ask the question loudly and repeat it several times.

Remember, terrorists use the phone as much as we do.

In the event of a highway landing, always fasten your seat belt and return your chair and tray table to their upright and locked positions.

It's all key cards and thumb drives these days.

If the president of the United States ever orders you to shoot your boss in the head at point-blank range in cold blood, take a deep breath, ask God to forgive you, and just do it.

Without conscience, a man becomes his worst enemy.

Sometimes it's necessary to create a believable diversion, even at the risk of others thinking you're an asshole.

A cell phone can sometimes be used to activate a secondary detonator on a terrorist's explosive vest regardless of how many minutes are left on your plan.

Dead terrorists can often be effectively used as human shields. So can live ones.

Bureaucrats want results but never want to get their hands dirty.

The safety of the people I love is worth any sacrifice. Even their trust.

Some people don't deserve to die, but that's not my call.

Serbs have a different word for everything.

If you don't have a Taser gun, the wires from a lamp will deliver the current needed to shock your subject just enough to get him to give up the information you need without doing any permanent damage.

Sometimes you have to do the wrong thing for the right reasons.

You can't save everyone.

If you see me running down the street, it's probably a good idea to take cover.

Don't piss off the Chinese.

From Esquire, by Nicole Ranadive (the staff writer of 24) and Matt Michnovetz (the show's story editor).
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I just love this little promo for '24'

And yes, with the premiere less than a month away, I'll be happily obsessing.

I may even post here about it.

I'm sure that my total and complete love for this show as encapsulated in this small bit of film says a great deal about me.

The fact that '24' is on the same time 'Heroes' will be a problem. As much as I adore 'Heroes', it will have to be taped as I need to watch '24'. However, my daughter does not share my deep and abiding obsession with the show. I think that she would much rather watch 'Heroes'. Wil has chosen to curl on Monday nights. While he watched '24' with us last year, he also loves 'Heroes' and I feel that his choosing to curl is his way of not having to take sides.

I will most likely defer to my daughters choice on this matter, as 13 is a damn hard age to be at and, I have to admit, if she's going to fall for any hero-archetype, I'd rather have it be Hiro than Jack.

Besides, 'Heroes' will repeat and I can watch '24' live when that happens. Plus, like a good little obessive fan, I'll be taping '24' anyhow.
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From The List: If Jack Bauer says it

Five statements that might get results if `24's' Jack Bauer says them in his dramatic voice.

5. "I need that Biggie-sized. Now!"

4. "If I can't get that bouquet with baby's breath, people will die."

3. "The ambassador has been kidnapped, so it's imperative I have the aisle seat."

2. "Think about it. The last place the terrorists will look for me is in your sorority house."

1. "I'm a federal agent with a direct line to the president. Your only option is to validate my parking."

Yes, I know it's still two months before the show is on.

And, yes, I know I'm pathetic.
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Hey, here is the thrid episode! I was hoping to get shorter with these as I went along but it seems I'm getting longer. Sad, really. Well, maybe not sad. This is a better recap... okay, the fact that I am even defending this. Yeah, sad.

Click for 5.3 recap )
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Look, another "Just Write Damn It" philosophy piece based, of course, on 24.

Theme Topic from '24' Episode 5.2 -- Truth and nothing but the truth... )
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Here is the second episode of the season. I get a lot more out of the show when I watch it with this much attention to detail.

Click for 5.2 recap )
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In a desperate attempt to feed my "24" obession, I have recapped the first episode. If you want to know what happened, but missed the show -- here you go. There's personal comment dropped in here and there.

We'll see if I keep this up.

Click for 5.1 recap )
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I'm running way behind in what I want to do here, but as part of my "Just write, damnit!" policy, I'm taking a philosophical theme from each episode of "24" and rambling about it. I'm cutting it because rambling is hard on the flist.

Theme Topic from '24' Episode 5.1 -- No matter where you go, there you are... )
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I am going to be spoiler free.

Spoiler free is the life for me.

*closes eyes*

I. Will. Not. Look. For. Spoilers.

But... there is a very cool "24" trailer at Yahoo TV. No, television ads aren't spoilers.

Just some mid-morning saturday spam for you flist.
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I've been very quiet about my obsession for 24 lately. Okay, I've been quiet about everything lately. However, with the premier of 24 in 10 days, I'm going to break my silence.

I'm usually spoiler queen, but this year I've decided to go spoiler free. Well, not completely spoiler free, because I know two of the biggest ones that deal with the first episodes, but other than that, I know nothing. Or, rahter, nothing much.

There are several things that I'm looking forward to this year, most of all is Sean Astin. He's got a great spread in the TV Guide this week. This is my favorite quote:

I play Lynn McGill, a cocky young bureaucrat sent by the president and district to oversee operations at CTU. I’m an overlord, an ubercrat. And let me tell ya, they need one, because CTU hasn’t exactly been running like a Swiss watch lately.

Heh. Can't wait to see Lynn but heads with Jack. Ubercrat or not, he's going to loose.

I also love his answer when he was asked if Lynn was going to meet and quick and violent demise:

Let's just put it this way: I thought I'd be doing four or five episodes and signed up for seven. We just did my ninth. So if he's going down, he's not going down easy.

There is also a really nice picture of him. Life is good.

Now since this is a 24 post, I'm going to talk a bit about Really, truly a spoiler for the show -- don't read if you don't want to know )
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Having rewatched a great many of the episodes on the A&E marathon, I got to speculating on what may be happening next season. I know some things from spoilers, but that's most casting choices. I got to thinking about what I'd like to see -- plot-wise -- and am wondering what everyone here is hoping will happen this January.

My two wishes: A smaller, more personal threat and Jack having to work completely outside CTU.

As much as I liked this last season (and I did), I would like to see the threat be more like the first season... a personal threat to Jack and the ones he loves. Not because I don't think the "world in peril" scenarios don't work, but simply because it's time for a change. Each season had a "bigger" threat than the last and, as a result, Jack has become less "human" and more "superhuman". I'd like to see Jack have to deal with something very personal -- even if it doesn't deal with a national crisis. It will give the writers and actors a chance to make Jack less of a caricature and more of a character.

As for the second part (having Jack work completely outside the CTU), that should be easy. With Jack having to be 'dead', his resources are going to be very limited as will be his responses. The past three seasons, he'd been 007, licensed to kill. For that matter, he's been handed situations so dire and the consequences of non-action so severe that his choice of actions could be justified (even if they were morally questionable/wrong). I'd like to see him up against people who are just doing their job, say police or government agents. These people could just be working on false information (say, Jack's a bad guy) and harming them would be over the line. They had this in the last season even. In Jack's hostage situation he was unable to hurt any of the people. He didn't fight the cops when they cornered him -- even if he did think about it. In the first season they did this a lot, where Jack was at odds with the Secret Service.

Not sure if any of this will happen. I get the feeling the writers tend to get caught up in the excitement and bigger and badder is better seems to be the battle cry. A girl can dream, though.

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Sean Astin has signed on for the upcoming season!


*glee* *glee* *glee*

Sorry. Just... *glee*
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Jonesing for a 24 fix, I ran across this little tidbit:

Geraint Wyn Davies has signed on as a "recurring" character in the upcoming season of 24. I was just reading an article saying how Kiefer Sutherland liked to have Canadian actors on the show.

It really is a small world -- especially when Canadians are involved.


This makes me irrationally happy. I always liked GWD. Liked him in Forever Knight. Hell, I even liked him in the last season of Airwolf when they recast everything after Jan-Michael Vincent left the show. Of course, you have to keep in mind that "recurring role" on 24 may mean that he's in one scene for five shows before he dies horrible death. On the other hand, this may signal the new plot line of "Canadian terrorists".

Actually, I'm liking the rumors of the new plot for 24. cut for those who may not want any spoilers )

Hmmm.. drifted off subject there! But still, much *glee* for GWD.


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