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Yesterday was:

Pet Owners Independence Day
A day of independence from what? Pet ownership? Perhaps its a day when the pets should take care of us.

Third World Day
Today is Third World Day, marking the speech by Indonesian President Sukarno on this date in 1955 when the phrase "third world" was first used. It's politically incorrect to use the term today. They are now called "lesser developed". Because, you know, "lesser developed" is less insulting than "third world" even though they mean exactly the same thing.

Smile Big and Say Hi for No Particular Reason Day
In all honesty, I do this every day. Makes life much more interesting and much more fun. I believe in fun and interesting. Besides the more you smile the more people wonder what you've been up to.

International Juggler's Day
I can't juggle. I think it's done by magic, really. Well, ok. I know how it's done, but I can't make it work. Lack of coordination I'm sure. I love watching juggler's though. They don't have to do any of the fancy, death-defying stuff either. It's just so graceful, and fluid.

Newspaper Columnists Day
I've always wanted to write a newspaper column. Ok, I know I can't even write a decent LJ half the the time, but still it would be cool. And it's not seeing my name in print, rather its the fact that what I say will be read by people. I've read some of the dreck that is published in the papers. One columnist actually compared the US government's reluctance to make paper money more distinguishable for the blind to the Soviet's killing of handicapped children. He says crap like that and is still published weekly. Figure that one out. I'm sure I would be slightly less outrageous than that. Of course, perhaps its the stupid and outrageous that sells. I mean, that's what gets the attention on the Internet, I'm not sure that the newspaper biz is all that different.

Today is:

National Garlic Day
Bad day for vampires, everywhere.

High Five Day
A day to share high five's with everyone you meet. I don't quite understand the whole high five culture thing, but it's a nice way to celebrate. I do like the whole "high five/low five" thing. In the Invisible Man (2001 TV show), Fawkes and Hobbes had a great hand shake deal. It's wonderful, really.

John Parker Day
John Parker was an American farmer, mechanic, and soldier who commanded the Massachusetts militia at Lexington during the Battle of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. He is famous for saying: "Stand your ground. Don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here."

Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day
Wow. I remember when the Oklahoma bombing took place. Proof that we can grow our own terrorists. Of course, the Columbine and Virginia Tech shootings reinforce that. I don't understand the entitlement that people feel that enables them to kill others because they feel wronged or put upon.
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Today is:

National Cheeseball Day
I live in Wisconsin, the state known for cheese. However, cheeseballs aren't very popular. We go directly to the cheese factory and pick up blocks of cheese. And cheese curds. The fresh, squeaky kind. Mmmmmm.

Blah! Blah! Blah! Day
Without checking, I'm betting this is a day in honor of politicians and their speechwriters.

Ellis Island Family History Day
I know that most of my grandparents came through Ellis Island. There's a couple of genealogy people in my family and I should look into it. I always thought that it would be cool to visit Ellis Island. So many new starts and last chances.

Ford Mustang Day
Oh look! Advertising. I will admit that I like Mustangs, but still... how much do you think it costs to buy a day?

National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day
This was a possibility when I was teaching. The student council has special days and one of them was "Pajama Day". All the kids were in slippers and PJs and carrying stuffed animals, their hair up in rollers or braids. It was fun.
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I am not going to catch up with the day thing. The pnuemonia is better. I actually feel human. YAY! Still, sleep is a good thing (and I will get some just as soon as Dresden is over).

Today is:

Boston Marathon
Run in the rain! The monsoon rain! I never considered marathoning to be an all weather sport, to tell the truth. Actually, I hate running and I've always envied people who seem to enjoy it. I say "seem" because I'm still not convinced that they are being honest.

International Moment of Laughter Day
Laughter is a good thing, even if it makes me have a coughing fit when I do it right now. I think you need to laugh everyday. I don't always make that, but I try.

National Eggs Benedict Day
I love Eggs Benedict. When I go out to eat with my folks for breakfast at Champs (a local greasy spoon) I always order their one egg on a muffin and order a side of benny sauce. Champs makes the best benny sauce in the world. It tastes great on anything. Champs is my favorite place to eat in town. Great food, reasonable prices.

National Librarian Day
Didn't we just have a librarian day? Oh, well, books are wonderful, so having two days for those who take care of them isn't so bad. The best thing about librarians is that you can call the library's reference desk and ask them to look up anything. I happen to know librarians who take it very personally when they are asked a question that they can't answer. It's so much fun to ask them really hard questions.

National Stress Awareness Day
You know, I don't believe that there are too many people out there who aren't aware of stress. Lord knows that I really aware of the stress in my life. I've yet to meet anyone who isn't aware of the stress in their lives. You know, I think we don't need a "stress awareness day" we need a "stress-free" day. Yeah. I vote for that!
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Catching up. Believe it or not.

Friday, April 6th was:
Drowsy Driver Awareness Day
I think that this is a bit of a misnomer. After all, being drowsy almost insures that the driver won’t be aware. I think it should be “Drowsy Drivers Stay off the Road Day”. That would be better, don’t you think?

Tartan Day
A day that honors the Scottish and all they have contributed to the US. They have a whole Tartan Week in New York that ends in a parade on the 13th. Do you think curling is featured? Nope. But there are a lot of “pipe bands” listed as well as a link to How to wear a kilt.

Teflon Day
Why does Teflon need a day? I think it’s just free advertising, really.

World Marbles Day
Cancelled. Because from the looks of it, most of the world has lost its marbles.

National Walk to Work Day
Which, since my new job is only two blocks away, is something I plan on doing every day.

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Yesterday is:

Hug a Newsman Day
I know no newsman to hug. I know no newswomen to hug, either. I think I can safely say that this day is a total bust for me.

Walk Around Things Day
As opposed to, say, walking through them? Or on them. I always walk around things. Less painful.

School Librarian Day
Librarians are cool. They get to work with books all day. I don't understand, however, how they get any work done when they have all those cool books to read.

Tell a Lie Day
I lie very well. In fact, I am an excellent liar. Not sure if that's something I should be proud of or not. But it really doesn't matter one way or the other, because I don't lie.

Today is:

Go for Broke Day
Heh. I went shopping and spent more money than I really should have, does that qualify as "going for broke". Because I'm very close to broke right now.

National Alcohol Screening Day
What are we screening the alcohol for? And... I'm out of any clever comments here. Tired.

National Fun at Work Day
I think I had fun at work today. Well, I think I had fun. I don't know. I didn't feel good enough to really pay that much mind. It was a LONG day, that much I know.
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I'm behind, but I'm going to catch up.

Today is:

Pony Express Day
I love the lore of the Pony Express. It existed for just over a year before the telegraph put it out of business, but it's one of the most enduring legends of the Old West. I'm an old west fan, anyhow. Cowboys, Indian lore, cattle drives, long distance trail rides, mountain men... they are all full of the archetypical heroes, anti-heroes and villains that I love. I think I need to go read some Louis L'Amour now. Oddly enough, I find that the "hard boiled detective" also is close to the cowboy archetype. Which is why I am currently in love with Dresden. Even picked up the books. Heh. In the books he wears a dark duster and nice hat. Wins me over every time.

Tweed Day
Actually, I have no opinion on tweed. Except that I only think of Kilts when I think of it. Other than that, nothing.

Don't Go to Work Unless it's Fun Day
Work isn't often fun, but I always have fun at work. However, I go to work because I need a job, not because I love it. Which may be a problem. But if it is, it's only a small one, because I don't hate what I do. I'm easy that way.
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I am sick. Ran a fever most of the day yesterday and all day today. I am going to bed now. I'm posting, but my comments (what they are) don't probably make any sense. Enjoy.

Yesterday was::

April Fools or All Fools Day
I don't like April Fool jokes all that much. As I see it, practical jokes break a trust between the person doing it and the receiver of the joke. They promise one thing, but then deliver another. It always stuck me as too close to lying to people you are supposed to care about. I realize that this is an odd and extreme view and I don't require the world to agree.

St. Stupid Day
International Tatting Day
I really have nothing to say about either of these two day except that I find it amusing they are on the same day. I've got nothing against tats, mind, but It still made me laugh.

National Fun Day
Yay! Fun! I'll plan on having some once I feel better. Have some for me, please!

Sorry Charlie Day
When I was young, I had a rug in my bedroom that was of Charlie the Tuna from StarKist Tuna fame. It had a hook with the note "Sorry Charlie" hanging down in front of him. I always liked those ads, even if they made no sense.

Today is:

International Children's Book Day
I love children's books. I especially love Young Adult books. They manage to touch on some very serious topics with grace and style. I especially like that they are able to actually make statements about good and evil and right and wrong in ways that adult novels shy away from.

Reconciliation Day
Ah... way to sick to make philosophical statements about a day that covers reconciliation. Sorry.

National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
I've never liked peanut butter and jelly. Never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as far as I can recall.

There. Off to sleep. Wish me health.
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Yesterday was:

Grass Is Always Browner On The Other Side Of The Fence Day
I'm sure this was done as a joke. The odd thing is it's right. The philosophy that color's your sight where you are, will continue to color you sight when you move some place new.

I am in Control Day
I don't put a lot of faith into Tarot cards. It's not so much a disbelief as it is a mistrust, especially when other people are involved. I don't trust that the cards or the people who interpret them will have my best interests at heart. How do I knew that the forces moving the cards or directing the reader aren't being led duplicitous motives? You know, people mistrust other people all the time -- people that they can see, watch and judge. But bring in mysterious, unproven forces that foretell the future and some of those same people just eat it up. I don't understand that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that it's all evil, I'm just saying that when dealing with such supernatural phenomenon it would be prudent to be at least as cautious as you would be dealing with real life.

Pencil Day (Pencil with Eraser patented in 1858 by Hyman Lipman)
My mom uses pencils for most things. She doesn't like the standard no. 2s, though. She things they leave too much of a mark when you erase them. She's not wrong. She switched to using no. 3 pencils. They are very hard to find and we hit office supply stores just to find them. She's recently found a pack of no 4 pencils and it now planning on using them instead. I told her that soon she would start moving up to lead to hard that she could just use old sticks to write with, as they would leave just a much a mark. I prefer the automatic pencils, no. 2.5, 5 mm. lead. Myr uses an automatic pencil for school, the requisite no. 2, but she uses .9 mm lead in it.

Take a Walk in the Park Day
Merrill is known as the "City of Parks". And we really do have quite a few of them. We're a small town and the Prairie and Wisconsin Rivers run though it. The Prairie used to be dammed, but when the paper mill closed down the dam was removed and the Prairie River 'Lake" went away. The newly exposed land is being made into a long park with walkways and the like. As all of the waterfront properties and accesses to the "lake" had been privately owned and there was no way for the average Joe to use the old "lake", I like this new way better. It was quite a controversy for a while, though.

Today is:

Bunsen Burner Day
Oh. A *bright shiny* day for scientists. Although, how much are bunsen burners used in this day and age? I would think that there would be a more precise way to heat things up. Although the whole "working with fire" thing may be too big a draw to give up.

First Map of the U.S. Patented
And now we have on-line maps that will find a house immediately. You could always find your way to where you wanted to go, it just takes less work now. I love the satellite view that you can get off of Google. The once around us is, predictably, out of date and not as detailed, but that's because I live in the boondocks. Still, it's cool.

National Clams on the Half Shell Day
Ew. I dislike clams. In fact, I'm not really found of any of that type of seafood. I like a good fish fry. Someday I will go to a oceanside community and see if it really is better there. Oddly enough, I do like some kinds of sushi, so it may indeed be just a case of living too far away from the source.

Tater Day
"Po-ta-toes!". Potatoes are a mainstay around our house. They taste different depending upon how you make them. Wisconsin is a big potato growing state. Well, right around our area (Antigo especially) there are big potato farms. We always try to buy local. Good potatoes are hard to come by this time of year because they are all starting to seed out. You know, potatoes are easy to grow. Just take an existing potato, cut it up being sure to leave at least one eye in each cut and drop them into the ground. Once they start growing poking through, you hill them over and wait. After they bloom and dry up, you have potatoes. Mind, you may also have potato bugs at some point. You need to pull them off and burn them. Ew. But better than pesticides for small crops.
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Coca-Cola was Invented (1886)
My favorite tidbit of Coke trivia is that it contained cocaine. Now there's a drink that would get you going in the morning. It also explains why the traveling medicines shows were both revered and hated. You know, a traveling medicine show would be a great device in a book. I will have to keep it in mind.

Festival of Smoke and Mirrors Day
Speaking of traveling medicine shows, "smoke and mirrors day" would go along with one of those. It's all done with smoke and mirrors. I love that description. I really also love the thought that so much can look real and still only be smoke and mirrors. I'm really kind of a deception person. Not that I want to deceive people or make them believe things that aren't true. But rather, I believe in being able to keep some things hidden, if only because one should have secrets.

Texas Loves The Children Day
As opposed to, say, Texas Hates the Children Day. I can't see that one getting publicity.

Vietnam Veteran’s Day
The one thing Vietnam taught us is how not to treat our vets. I'm not sure where I heard/read that or who said it, but truer words were never spoken. I find it interesting that we will have an entirely new generation of vets whose experience is so radically different from the generation before them. It's a hard thing, though, to afford someone respect who holds views and engages in activities that you consider misguided or even evil. It's much easier to believe ill of people.
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Today is:

Kick Butts Day
I'm fairly certain that this is an anit-smoking day. Or rather, a quit smoking day. Which would be fine with me. Despite the shows that I watch and (anti)heroes that I like, I'm a non-violent person at heart. Honest.

Respect Your Cat Day
*snorfle* What kind of day is this? If you have a cat, of course you respect it. Cats demand that. Do you think there is the opposite day out there for cats, a "Respect Your People Day". Now that would be worth promoting.

Something on a Stick Day
I'm hoping this is really "FOOD on a Stick Day", because the word 'something' is just to vague for me to be comfortable using it. On the other hand, Fairs are perfect places for food on a stick. I believe that the Minnesota State Fair is known for it's "food on a stick", although even our little county fair has more than enough to keep you happy. I like most foods that come on sticks: Corn dogs, monkey tails, cheese cake. It's all good.

I've only been to the Wisconsin State fair and I don't recall food on a stick being a big thing. Cheese was, no surprise there. I also remember watching the showing of the Clydesdales. Gorgeous horses. Huge, but gorgeous. There were no sticks involved.
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Today is:

American Diabetes Association Alert Day
Now this is the name for a day, very clear. Diabetes runs in my dad's family. I should be more aware and concerned about it than I am. I tend to live by the "what you don't know can't hurt you" philosophy that I know is foolish. I keep planning on changing that. I will, someday, too.

Education and Sharing Day
Must be a kindergarten thing as sharing is big in the primary grades. When I was teaching, I always liked the little ones. Mind you teaching young kids is more like training than teaching. Socialization is a (if not the) major object of kindergarten. Getting kids to understand the basics of social interaction and prepare them to live in a world where knowing how to work with others and in an acceptable manner is necessary skill. It's a stressful job. Still, there is nothing more fun that a room full of kids who haven't been conned into the belief that school (and learning) is evil.

Kite Flying Day
Today would have been a good day to fly a kite as it was windy and in the 50s. Usually March is way too cold to be out flying kites and often the snow that is still on the ground will make it difficult. I like flying kites, especially when I have a field big enough to really let them get up high. I've only ever flown the normal, cheap kites, though. I may have added my own tails and patched them when necessary, but I've never used any of the fancy kites -- shaped ones or box kites. In fact, I think I've used the same kite, off and on, for the past five years. It sits out in a shed by my folks until we pull it out and use it once or twice a year. I don't fly kites often, but I still do fly them.

National “Joe” Day
With no explanation, it's a little hard to say what this day is about. Perhaps coffee. A "cup of joe", is after all, the thing that gets a lot of us started in the morning. Or it could be a day where we all become "Joe". There are "Joe jobs" after all. Jobs that don't carry any special prestige or import. Not necessarily jobs that anyone could do because I've known a lot of people who would never be able to work fast food and that is a Joe Job. Joe is a kind of every man/woman.

There is a very underrated quality to be an "average Joe". What with the drive in our society to grab (and desperately clutch) the requisite 15 minutes of fame, average is seen as insulting and defective. That's a shame, really. The world is run by the average. By those who staff the stores or drive the trucks or feed the hungry. Sure the brilliant and the outstanding and the unique burn brightly and leave a striking trail, but it's still the average Joe who does all the foot work to make sure those few geniuses can focus on being the genius.

Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day
Is there any other kind of Country Music Song Title? Quirky is the best, really. Some of them are so quirky they are parodies (If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body, Would You Hold It Against Me?) but most are just fun. Country music has a "I don't care if you like it" attitude that annoys a lot of people. It's one of the things that I like about it.

World Theater Day
See, the word "theater" needs always to be spelled "theatre". It looks better. It sounds better. Don't argue, you know I'm right. I love the romance of the theatre. Not enough to run off and join it; but I did dabble in the local theatre they used to have in town. It doesn't exist anymore, which is a shame because I'm sure that my whole family would love to be part of it.
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Yesterday was:

National Day of Celebration of Greek & American Democracy

Old New Years Day
in AD 525, Dionysius Exiguus set the start of the Julian calendar at March 25 to commemorate the Annunciation of Jesus. Dates, like time, are all arbitrary. It doesn't matter when the world marks the start of a year or even the day. Living where I do, I like having the new year at the coldest part of the winter.

Pecan Day
Pecan's aren't my favorite nut, however, I do love pecan pie. My dad makes a great pecan pie. It is a pie that you need to make for a group. It's just too sweet and rich to have more than one piece every other day or so. It would be best, I suppose, to buy just a single piece but boughten pecan pie just doesn't taste very good. I think I'll have to ask my dad to make one.

Waffle Day
I have never been to a Waffle House. I hear it's a Southern thing, kinda like donut shops in Canada. I like waffles well enough, but while Supper Clubs and bars that serve killer fish frys are a Wisconsin thing, Waffle Houses aren't. I guess I'll have to make my own waffles for Waffle Day.

Today is

Legal Assistants Day
I keep thinking that this is "Legal Assistance Day". I actually took classes in paralegal stuff. Naturally, I didn't do anything with it. Story of my life, really -- no follow through. Now, though all I want to do is watch "If Looks Could Kill". That non sequitur makes complete sense, and if you can figure out why, you win a prize.

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
Oh... Lets see, I want to make a "Get rid of all idiots Day". Unfortunately, I'm always afraid that I am enough of an idiot some days that I would be affected. And not in a good way.

Spinach Festival Day
Oh! Popeye's favorite day. I wonder where the Spinach Festival is being held. It's got to be somewhere south because, quite frankly, it is way to early to have any kind of growing festival up hear in the northland. I like spinach well enough, but I've been known to enjoy festivals without liking the thing that the festival is celebrating. Festivals are fun.
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Today is:

Agriculture Day
It seems to me I had Agriculture Day listed a couple of days back. I'm not going to check to see which one (if either) is right. Perhaps this could be a more focused Agriculture Day. Like Dairy Day or Sheep Day... maybe I should make it Fertilizer Day in honor of all the BS being slung about in politics lately. Of course, out there in Washington DC, it's bullshit day almost every day.

Yeah. I've got to watch less news as it makes me a bitter person.

National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day
I like chocolate covered raisins. I like chocolate covered peanuts, better. Thinking about it, I pretty much like chocolate anything.

United Nations World Tuberculosis Day
I'm going to make a general statement here that these days need to be more specific with their names. Say "World Tuberculosis Awareness Day. TB shots, however, are becoming more and more common. I had an uncle who died of it. Well, it was really my mom's uncle, which puts it firmly in the past. The school system is pushing for testing and whatnot, though, so it looks like it may not stay in the past. Still, up here, the big thing is blastomycosis. Nasty stuff when you get it and people in the town have died from it.

YoYo Day
I was never able to do much with Yo Yos except maybe get their strings all tangled up. Of course, I only ever had cheap Yo Yos, so that may have something to do with it. In all likelihood, however, it has more to do with my lack of coordination and practice. As far as childhood toys go, I'll take a slinky over a Yo Yo any day.
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Sorry, but I was away from the computer most of the weekend. I'll get you caught up.

Today is:

National Chip and Dip Day
Didn't have any chips and dip today. I rarely eat chips and dip, actually. I'm just not a snacky-person. I do like tortilla chips and salsa or a good, spicy bean dip. But I eat those as part of a meal, too.

National Organize your Home Office Day
I'm glad I don't have a home office, because I hate organizing offices. I hear, however, that [ profile] finabair has been cleaning up her office area. So I will dedicate this day to her.

National Puppy Day
"Every dog has it's day" and today is it! Happy Puppy Day, everyone.

Near Miss Day
Do you think that the National Horseshoe League had anything to do with this day? It's interesting, but to me, the term "near miss" usually means a good thing.

O.K. Day
I like this day. You don't have to work as hard as on "Great" day or "Wonderful" day, yet it's not depressing. Of course, if they mean "O.K. Corral" day, that would be totally different.

World Meteorological Day
World weather day, in other words. You know, I've noticed a tendency for "weather" to be presented as an evil force. Something that the government or other human endeavors should save us from. And even if the weather isn't overtly disastrous at the moment, it's always tweaked to be seen as potentially disastrous. It used to be the temperature was just the air temperature, now it's either "Wind Chill" or "humidity index", just in case we would foolishly believe that it wasn't a dangerous world to live in. Potential storms are tracked and dire predictions are handed out for days before hand. Then after the weather has ravaged us poor mortals, we spend even more time complaining that others -- specifically various governmental organizations -- didn't do enough to to keep us safe.

Are we really so removed from the world that nature itself is seen as evil? Have we really become so helpless that we don't even have enough sense to know that, when its cold and windy, we should dress warm or stay inside? Good grief.
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Yeah, I'm pushing it on this one. But I'm still posting before the end of the day!

As Young As You Feel Day
I'm not sure I always agree with this, because some days, I feel real old. Still, most days, I don't feel like I'm old... or rather, that I'm as old as I am. When you are little, each year is a milestone, and the differences between one year and the next are obvious and striking. The difference between 7 and 8, between 2nd and 3rd grade is immense (especially at the time). In a year you move from Middle School to High School. From home to Kindergarten, from Senior to college. Each year is another step to being adult, being out and on your own. The difference between 26 and 27? Or between 33 and 34? Not even a candle on the cake anymore, I bet. Hell, even between 39 and 40 the difference is only in your mind (and pressed on everyone by our idiotic age-phobic society.

As far as the day goes, I feel pretty good most of time. In the end, though, I would never want to be young again, especially if I had to do so without all the years I've spent figuring out who the hell I am.

International Goof-off Day
I really would have enjoyed being about to goof-off all day today. Actually though, the real pleasure in goofing-off comes from doing it spontaneously. Planning a goof-off day seems restrictive. I reserve the right to move this day to any day in the future that I choose.

Sing-Out Day
Sing, sing a song. Sing out long-- sing out strong... I like singing. Most people ask me not to, but I still like doing so. Fortunately my family doesn't complain.

Once, when Myr was little and I was rocking and singing to her, Wil watched us for a moment and then said: It's no wonder every child thinks their mother sings like a angel. And it's true. It didn't matter if I was in tune or on key, it only matters that she knew she was loved. Every child should be sung to, every child should know that kind of love.

World Day for Water
Living where I do, I take water for granted. I know this. You drill anywhere around here and you will hit water. There are rivers and lakes and streams... I know that we've been in a drought cycle these last few years and the water table is down, but I see green when I look around (or I do when the snow is gone). I need that green. It is the color of life.
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As we go into this long list, I need to point out that none of these "days" are verified in any way. I found a couple of websites, cobbled the list together and started posting. I'm not sure it really makes a difference, but I thought I'd let you know, anyhow.

Today is:

Children’s Poetry Day
In honor of Children's Poetry day, I give you this. A poem written many years ago by Myr when she was definitely a child.

Fragrance Day
Fitting that this is on the first day of Spring. Flowers are still a long way off up here where I live, but this is always the time of year when I start looking forward to the Lilac's blooming. In Madison, they bloom right around Mother's Day, but up here it will take at least three weeks more until that happens. I can almost smell them now, though, just thinking about it. They are a beautiful flower, too. Did you know that white lilacs can change into purple ones? Well, at least a couple of my mom's trees have done that. The groups of blossoms are various colors from white to deep purple, sometimes all the colors are on one bunch.

First Day of Spring
Yay! for spring. It's actually supposed to be warm today. I'd like to see temps above 40. The pussy willows are starting to bud out. A sure sign of spring, but they have no smell, which is why I chatted about Lilacs, above. And have I mentioned how I'm loving this whole earlier daylight saving time? Love. LOVE.... LOVE

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
This is a day that requires more respect than I usually have time for. I like that it's International because prejudice isn't limited to our fair country. Of course, what can you say about a day like this? I mean, of course its a good thing, but it's rather like saying evil is bad, it's a no brainer. Until most people work every day to stop racism when they encounter its many forms will we truly make progress stopping it.

National Agriculture Day
I firmly believe that the cities could crumble to dust and the farms would still stand, but let the farms crumble and cities will be right behind. However, I like the whole cities and farms thing and would rather not have anything crumble to dust. The world runs on food, though. The US's greatest strength is its ability to feed itself and the world.

National Astrology Day
Now, I'm not really big on Astrology. I know people who are and people who just dabble, but I'm not really big on anything or anyone who says they can tell me what my future is going to be, as if I have no say in the matter. As if the universe really have the time to focus its energy on little old me. Besides, no one tells me what to do. Not even the universe.

National Common Courtesy Day
Please keep this day in mind as you go abut your business. Thank you. *grin* My favorite description of why we should be courteous is from the movie "Blast from the Past" in which it is said that "Manners are a way of showing other people we care about them. " And that we care about ourselves, too. Care enough about everyone to do more than bully our way though life doing only what makes our life easier. A 'please', a 'thank you', a kind word will go a long way to making everyone feel better. Please and thank you!

National Teenager’s Day
Well, here's a day for Myr. I like teenagers. I like my teenager. She's a good kid. A little loopy sometimes, a little to serious others. But good. Most of the teenagers I know are like that. Being a teenager is all about trying on lives and personalities to see who you are. The easy way to do that is to just be what everyone around you says you should be -- being unique is easiest when everyone around you is exactly as unique as you are. Still, that's what it's all about and you've got to do it full on and at breakneck speed. It's a wonder we ever survived it, really.
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Big Bird's Birthday (Sesame Street Character)
I'm probably one of the few American's my age who didn't watch Sesame Street. Or at least, didn't watch it very much. Growing up in Northern Wisconsin, we didn't have cable nor much access to Public Television. I do remember watching the Electric Company and Captain Kangaroo, but really have no memory of watching Sesame Street. I do remember the songs, though. That's because we had an album of Sesame street songs (and some dialog) that we (my brother and I) would listen to as we were falling asleep.

The one thing I do remember is that, while the songs were familiar and fun, the setting was completely alien. I lived in a small town and spent most of my time on one of my grandparents farm. I knew nothing about the city as it was depicted on the show. I kept thinking that at the end of the day, they would leave the street and go back to the town where they really lived. I mean, I knew people lived in cities and that was a city, but I just couldn't imagine doing it. I still can't, which is why I live were I do.

Proposal Day
Once again the vagueness of the day perplexes me. I propose that this day be about stating a proposal-- a goal, if you will. Perhaps there is a value to actually writing a proposal, putting a goal on paper with the steps and requirements... Perhaps the sheer weight of such a thing would add power to a goal. I have a problem with goals. What's the saying? I love deadlines. I love to wave at them as they go rushing past." It's much the same way with me and goals.

But such is life, isn't it. As another saying goes: Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. Still, perhaps I need to have a plan or two. I propose that I will... think about it.

Memory Day
At least, I believe this is Memory Day. I could have forgotten, I suppose.

Festival of Extraterrestrial Abductions Day
So, is this a day to celebrate those Earthling who have been abducted by extraterrestrials or is it to celebrate those Extraterrestrials who have been abducted by Earthlings? Since either way makes my brain hurt, I propose that this be the day when every purchases and plays the card game Abduction!. I love this game. In the grand tradition of "stab the other player in the back before he can stab you", the goal is the be the first (and only) Abductee to escape from the Alien ship. There is no cooperative play here. There is no getting along so we can all get out. It's every man and woman (or cow) for him/her/it/self. And lurking in the background, waiting to be placed on the unsuspecting player is the ever-dreaded 'anal probe' card.

The game is truly a blast to play. We have several "stab your neighbor in the back" games and all of them are great fun -- as long as you don't take the games to seriously. And with "Festival of Extraterrestrial Abductions Day", there's very little chance of that.
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Today is:

Act Happy Day
I'm good at acting happy. most of the time, I am happy, mind. But even when when I'm not, I can still go through the motions of acting happy. In the end, acting happy usually helps me feel happy. Since I'm naturally upbeat, it's kind of like priming the pump.

And today, damnit, is full of stress. I will act happy, anyway, in the hopes that I will be happy by sheer force of will. Because the stress will be there if I'm happy or not. Of course, there may be intermittent periods of ranting and crying. Kinda sounds like a weather report, no?

National Chocolate Caramel Day
I love days that deal with chocolate. In fact, I think there should be a chocolate themed day at least once a week.

Poultry Day
Poultry Day? Poultry Day? I suppose it's better than Fowl Day, but still. Is this a day to celebrate living poultry or the cooked kind? Chickens are by far the foulest, nastiest, and most vicious of all farm animals. They are cute chicks for about a month then they turn into something completely opposite of cute. Ducks are only slightly better, as are geese; but geese are damn mean. Based on that, I will go with celebrating cooked poultry.

Swallows Return to San Juan Capistrano Day
I am slightly curious as to the scientific explanation as to why these birds (as well as the Curlews, earlier) always arrive back on the same day. I would also like to know what nifty legends and folklore surround the return. If they have been doing this as long as one can remember, I'm sure there are some wonderful stories that surround it. Alas, I am way to lazy to look them up right now.

Operation Iraqi Freedom
Our community has given a great deal for Operation Iraqi Freedom, including the lives of two of our young men. I currently work with a young woman who served over there. Just before this job I worked at the County Veteran's Office and got to meet a great many of the returning reservists as they came in to file there discharge papers.

The one thing I've discovered is that, whatever their personal feelings about why the US is over there, every single vet I've talked to is proud about the job that they, personally, did over there. They have mixed (and occasionally vehement) feelings about everything else, but each one, to a soldier, believes that they did a good job while they were there. And they all wished that their good work would be recognized.

So, today, I salute everyone who has served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
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Today is:

Awkward Moments Day
Heh. I've had a lot of "Awkward Moments" this year. I'm not the most graceful of people to begin with and what with all the ice we've had this year... oh, wait. They probably didn't meant that kind of awkward.

Johnny Appleseed Day
I've planted a few apple trees in my life, but I've planted a lot more pine trees. Pine grow fast and my folks wanted to set up some windbreaks around the house. They are all now very tall and beautiful. Did you know that when you plant small pine all you use is a flat-bladed spade? You jab it into the ground and push to make a v-shaped opening, remove the spade, insert the tree and then jab the spade into the ground again, to press another wedge of dirt up against the roots. It's all very quick and easy. The hardest part it hauling the water around to give them enough water to not dry up and die. Fresh plantings need lots of water.

First Walk in Space (in 1965)
I love space stuff. I feel it's unfortunate that the only time it gets in the news is when things are going wrong. I also think it's unfortunate that so many people don't know how many benefits we get from the space program. I do think it's cool that the private sector is getting involved. Space has to be part of our future. The world is so small when compared to the Universe, there is so much out there, we have to be able to get out and see it at some point.

National Biodiesel Day
This had to be started by the National Biodiesel Board. But since biodiesel is a very cool idea, I won't get too worked up about the obvious self-promotion.

Supreme Sacrifice Day
This has to be a really odd name for a day. Wouldn't "Martyr Day" be better? We already have Veteran's Day -- although that honors all vets, not just those who died. I can't see this working at all in the greeting card business, either. I doubt it will catch on.

Forgive Mom and Dad Day
I'm not sure what they are going for with this day as it's such a blanket statement, however, I'm going with the thought that there is not evil, here, to forgive, but rather to forgive our parents for the fault of being human. It's a concept that I've come to acknowledge as I grown in the role of being "mom". Most of the failings that we have as parents are small ones, easily blamed on stress and life and human failings.

It's odd, too, that its those small injustices and failings that hurt the most as children. Not having the money to go on a special school trip, having parent jobs that conflict with our childhood plans, having a parent forget a special event or having them not understand the pain that can be caused by the injustices of childhood. Perhaps our parents weren't as handsome or smart or well-off as the other people in town and we, as children, were the brunt of jokes for that. Perhaps our parents, even as adults, were no more able to solve problems of our lives than we were. Perhaps they shared our fears and therefore had no way to help us deal with them. It's easy to carry around those small wounds, nursed bigger with time, and to count our parents as inadequate in some way.

So perhaps a "Forgive Mom and Dad Day" isn't such a bad idea. To acknowledge that they did what they could, with the best of intentions, even if they couldn't be exactly what we would want them to be.

I sincerely hope that Myria can forgive me all the small wrongs that I have done her due to my weaknesses and faults.
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Today is:

Rubber Band Invented
What did people do without rubber bands? They are up there with paper clips and post it notes for things that keep an office running.

Save The Florida Panther Day
I now feel the need to find out how many panthers there are in Florida and if the retirement and resort communities would welcome them roaming their parks and boulevards. Of course, the everglades are a big place and I think the panthers would prefer alligators to people. Some days I know I do.

St. Patrick's Day
Happy Irish everyone! Have fun and be safe.

International Day of the Seal
My favorite seal, I think, is the seal of approval. Although, in honor of my father, I'd also rank the seal of the US Marine Corps right up there. If we are going for fiction, the seal for the UNCLE agency is also one of my favorites. And we can't forget everyone's favorite, the unbroken seal, without which we would all go hungry.

Submarine Day
I have a friend (Hi [ profile] kitap! whose father claims that the tourist subs in Haiwaii actually torpedo cruise ships instead of take you fish-watching, While I would consider this even more reason to go on a sub tour, he disagrees. Unfortunately, the only body of water around her cool enough to use a sub to explore is Lake Superior and I don't want to take my chances in the Great Gitchi Gummi.

National Quilting Day
I quilt, but not in the way that most people consider it. I quilt in the pragmatic, German way that my Grandmother and her mother quilted. This is where old cloth and clothes were cut into squares of varying size and then sown together in strips with little to no regard for pattern. If you wanted to be very extravagant you purchased a bolt of patterned fabric with which to cover on side of the quilt, so to provide a dressier, more formal look when that side is displayed. Since we live in northern Wisconsin and the old farm houses were old and drafty, these quilts were padded with very think layers of real wool (from sheep on the farm). These quilts are thick and heavy and are not sewn together using a fancy pattern and colored thread, rather they are tied together using old bits of yarn. When using these quilts (and I still do, today) you judge the warmness by how heavy the quilt is. On the very cold nights, when two such quilts are called for, the weight pins you down. It is the most glorious feeling in the world, really.

Maple Syrup Day
It's perfect weather out right now for making Maple Syrup. It's cold at night and above freezing during the day, which makes the sap run. When I was very young (as in I only have vague memories of it) we would help my grandfather and his brothers make maple syrup for themselves and for sale. These people were first generation Americans who still spoke German as much as English. They were tougher than nails and hard working to the point of obsessiveness. They were narrow minded and opinionated the way only people who have to leave school before the fifth grade to work in the fields and farm can be. They were old fashioned and could have been considered rednecks or hillbillies except for the fact that we live in northern Wisconsin and neither description is considered accurate to the geography. Despite all that, they were damn fine people.

In any case, they had this shed -- more of a frame of a shed with three sides and a roof -- that was used to make syrup. For those who don't know how Maple syrup is made, here is a good explanation. It's also very close to how I remember it being done, except we drilled the holes with a old fashioned hand-turned drill and used pails to catch the sap. Maple sap is very thin and almost clear with a very mild sweet flavor. A tree will give about a half gallon of sap a day with a season that lasts about 4 weeks in a good year. It takes about 40 gallons of sap to make a gallon of syrup. And the whole "heating it up to evaporate off the water" part of the deal is as much work as is the drilling of the holes and carrying of the sap. Especially since we also had to cut the wood we used to make the fire to heat the sap.

The problem with all of this is, of course, that I know what truly good maple syrup tastes like. That stuff that they have in bottles called "maple-flavored syrup" is as much maple syrup as is catchup. And I think catchup would taste better on pancakes.

My grandfather loved Maple syrup and would eat it on most everything, including meat. Which just confuses the catchup analogy I used a sentence above, but needs to be said, anyhow. In his defense, Maple syrup is great on sausage, as any child who has ever eaten pancakes and lil' smokies will happily tell you. My favorite, non-traditional use of Maple syrup is to mix it with peanut butter. My dad (who learned it from his father) calls the result "gobbledegook". I'm not really fond of peanut butter, but I adore 'gobbledegook". And, as my dad says, the calories in the syrup and the peanut butter cancel each other out. *grin*
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Today is

Curlew Day
Everything you do is Right Day a welcome change after yesterday which was "everything you think is wrong'
Freedom of Information Day there will be no charge for reading this post
Lips Appreciation Day for true lip appreciation, go here
St. Urho's Day

Curlew Day, it turns out, it the day that the Long-billed Curlew arrives back at the Umatilla National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. Not quite the sparrows to Capistrano, but cool, still. The Curlew is one of those long-legged, long-beaked wading birds that are a whole hell of lot better than Seagulls.

St. Urho's Day has nothing to do with birds, but instead honors St. Urho who single-handedly saved Finland's grape crop from grasshoppers using only his trusty pitchfork....

Wait... Let me check that again.

Ok, the real story: St. Urho, using only a pitchfork and standing bravely alone, stopped grasshoppers from destroying Finland's grape crop.

Rewording really didn't help that any. For a colorful description of the holiday and a boring, more-than-likely debunking of the myth check out this site.

True or not, I'm sure that it's just as good a reason to party and drink as is the more famous, greener Saint who saved Ireland from snakes. And instead of green beer one can drink grasshoppers.

. . .

The whole "did it really happen that way" question is an interesting one. In most cases I prefer the legend and tales to the more historically probable way it actually, most likely happened. Granted, that's not always true. Sometimes the actual story is far more inspiring and amazing than the legend (take the historical figure of Hugh Glass for example, where the actual fact of forgiveness is better for the soul than the story of bloody revenge.) Most times, however, when people say "let's find out the facts" what they really mean is "let's find out everything we can to make this wonderful, interesting thing into something evil and sordid". You know, the kind of facts that are spread over all the tabloids.

There is, once you move out of the hard sciences (and sometimes even when you stay within them), a difference between facts and truth. The true power to touch humanity doesn't lie in proof and facts. If it did no one would ever read a novel or watch a movie. The power to touch and to move people comes from the meaning of the facts or story or legend. Just as often, it is in the connection that comes from people sharing and sharing in a legend or story.

God may have used science, physics and math to create the universe, but He uses those languages to give us a creation that speaks to our soul. You can use the hard sciences to describe and explain a storm front and that explanation would be intricate and amazing (and completely factual) in its own right, but it comes no where near the awesome power and beauty of watching that same storm front sweep across a field, the pulse pounding fear and wonder of witnessing lightning strikes or the numbing silence of the aftermath.

If there is no truth in the facts, no enlightenment or wisdom then they are merely the framework upon which to build a legend, a story or a fable that can provide nourishment to the human soul. And if there is no evil in the story, no selfish dishonesty or intentional hurt, then it doesn't matter if the facts support it or not.

So, I say, drink up to St. Urho because nothing you will have to do tomorrow will ever sound as foolish as "he single-handedly saved Finland's grape crop from grasshoppers using only his trusty pitchfork....". Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to do something only slightly foolish and the world will be a better place for it.
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I did the "Thoughts on the Day" thing a couple of years ago, but it fell by the wayside. I regret that, because I like the idea. So, I'm starting it again. On the Ides of March, nonetheless.

Today is:

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day A day for Myr! Yay!
Brutus Day (Heh. I wonder what Popeye would think of that?)
Buzzard’s Day We call my aunt's farm "The Buzzard Ranch"!
Companies That Care Day
Everything You Think is Wrong Day
Ides of March
True Confessions Day

I always thought it would be cool to be born on the Ides of March. As it was, I was born 10 days too soon. As for "True Confessions Day", I'm not one for the whole true confessions thing. I do wonder if there's a false confessions day, you know, just to even things out.

Actually, I like the idea of a "Everything You Think is Wrong Day". Not because I want everything I think to be wrong, but rather because it's a wonderful starting point of 'what ifs' and philosophizing. Anyone can run an argument from the standpoint of defending what you think is right, but to really understand a topic you have to be able to work at an argument from the other side.

This is probably a throwback to my days as a debater, when i was on the "negative" side. I had to be persuasively argumentative against ideas and concepts that I was in complete agreement with. I was good at it, too. But even if I won (and I did, quite a bit) it didn't mean I agreed with my arguments, it merely meant I was better at presenting the "negative" than the others were at presenting the "positive". Actually, being fully aware of all the of arguments against something, just allowed me to be better at defending my belief in that thing.

It could also be my love of the perverse. Even now, I've been known to argue a side I don't agree with just to have a good discussion on something. Mind, I try not to be so convincing that the person I'm talking to agrees with a point I don't really believe in or, worse yet, make them angry at me.

. . .

I have to admit that my thoughts, what with not having any real employment in over two years and with other things going on, have drifted to the darker. More often than I like, I tend to think that what I believe may not be true. Real, important things. Things that usually give me the optimistic attitude and ability to ignore the small annoyances that can drag you down.

Having a day where I am allowed to think that everything I think is wrong -- not because it is wrong but simply because it's the thought of day, -- may be less depressing.

*reads post* I think that logic is seriously convoluted, however, since today everything I think is wrong, it must not be. *grin*

Well, this could be fun.


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