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At the end of last week, Wil unexpectedly learned that he would have the entire weekend off. Which considering it's the weekend before Thanksgiving and Wil works at Sears... well, you get the picture. We decided, on the spur of the moment, to head down to Madison and spend a great weekend relaxing.

However the trip was both much shorted and much more exciting than planned. Also to add: not very much relaxing happened.

Wil worked until 9:30 on Friday, so Myr and I drove down to pick him up and head out. Myr, who just got her driver's learning permit two weeks ago, drove all the way down and through Wausau to pick him up. Then she was going to drive for the next couple of hours until we made it to Portage.

So, you ask, when did it get exciting??

Shortly outside of Stevens Point we were passed. That car edged slightly into our lane just as Myr edged slightly into theirs. Myr corrected, then corrected again, but the car was sluggish and then went into a spin. we ended up backwards in the ditch. We didn't flip and the car was still running fine when we stopped. It turns out, however that a lengthy skid on pavement and into the frozen ditch is very hard on tires. The rear tire was off the rim and the front one was chewed up pretty badly. Yeah. There were a whole lot of things that could make spinning off the road at 60 mph a whole lot less happy.

By the time we got out and decided that we were all fine and took inventory of the car and tired, the gal who was passing us when we spun out circled back to see how we were (very nice of her). She had already called 911 (even nicer of her) and she said she would wait until help came (can't get much nicer than that). A sheriff's deputy should up about a minute later. She called a tow and she checked everything out and made sure we were fine.

All told we were towed out of the ditch and in the tow garage in under an hour. We had been hoping to be able to change the rear tire and drive home, but the front tire had also decided to go flat, so we opted to have it towed to a near by garage. They could fix the tires and put it on the lift to make sure there wasn't anything else wrong with it.

Turns out that the ball joints were bad. They could have sustained some damage in the spin out, but most likely they were going bad before. Since the ball joints, I'm told, deal with the steering, they could have contributed to the wipe out. I have noticed that the steering seemed a little spongy lately, but was putting off getting it looked at. Yeah, I know, dumb move.

Anyhow, the only damage from the wipe out was two tires. Since that was way under the $1000 needed to report an accident. So YAY. Of course, that means no serious looking into what caused the accident. We will never know exactly what happened. But since no one was hurt and we still have a car, it really doesn't matter.

Myr is much better today than she was yesterday. She did drive us to the movie theatre on Thursday, so that horse has been rode. She is also dealing with what might have happened very well, although she did say to me "You are being awfully nice to me considering I almost killed you and Dad." I told her that that type of thing is true, but that it didn't bear thinking too much about.

In any case, life isn't bad, despite the cost of repairs. (OK, I really want to whine about the cost of the repairs and the fact that I really can't afford them. But I will just leave it at that.) The biggest drawback to all of this was that we didn't get to visit [ profile] finabair. *pout*
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Around seven tonight my mom called and said that my dad was at the emergency room because he was having stroke-like symptoms.. Myr and I went down and sat with my mom and my brother while they examined my dad. It turns out that he is having TIA or transient ischemic attacks, which a like mini-stokes. The symptoms are the same, but they don't last very long.

He had similar problems this morning but since they went away, he just decided he needed some sleep. This time my mom called my brother and he got my dad to take some aspirin and then headed into the emergency room.

This annoyed my father to no end -- especially since my brother called the emergency room ahead of time to let them know what was happening. We live in a small town with a hospital and could just drive up and drop off my dad.

Anyhow, by the time they got there my dad was feeling slightly better. He could raise his arms and stand on one foot, although he still slurred a little when he talked. His blood pressure was quite high but falling on it's own.

They ran a bunch of tests and came up with the TIA diagnosis. The consensus is that he "looks good on paper" and they can't see any cause for the TIA. They gave him some meds and sent him home with instructions to keep watching for more of the same problems. He's scheduled for more testing on Wed.

I'm trying hard not to call my mom every few minutes to see how he is. He seemed to have gotten worse the last time I talked to them, but it's hard to say. I looked it up on line and got the same information they gave us at the hospital.

I'm glad that my brother lives next to my folks. My dad may be able to put off my mom, but he'll have to listen when Dan tells him to do something. I'm on a straight shot from their house to the hospital. It's a ten minute trip even following the 25 mph speed limit in town. She said she'd call. I'd be out the door and in my car before they even pass my house.

So... now we're down to waiting and praying, since we did all the medical stuff we can. I'm not good at that. The whole waiting thing. Still, no news has got to be good news. I'll talk to them in the morning and we will see.

Prayers and good thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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OK, I did two things tonight that I know no one else reading this did.

Cut for sadness )

Cut for those who don't live in the north-woods )

The woods are a beautiful thing just around dusk. Didn't need a flashlight. The smell of the woods, with the damp leaves covering the ground, is intoxicating. Rocks and fallen trees are slippery in the wet ground cover, but the soft layer muffles your steps. We were ghosts, drifting through the trees, no more than shadows when separated by more than a few feet. There's not much better than that in this world.
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Heard from the Folks, Dad is home and doing good. They have to wait for a test result, but there were no complications.

Thank you, God.

I'm going to take this as a sign that the rest of my problems will work themselves out.

I'll think good thoughts for Jenn's glow-in-the-dark check....


Nov. 2nd, 2001 09:50 am
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Dad went in for some tests today. Went in at 7:30. Should be out by now.

No ones home.


I'm trying not to worry, but its a worrisome world as of late.


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