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This is what I got:

I'm 48.54% obsessed. How obsessed are you?

The Ringer Obsession Test

But I prefer this answer (just 'cuz it amuses me):

I'm 100% obsessed. How obsessed are you?

The Ringer Obsession Test

Gakked from [ profile] finabair
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I was surfing FantasyPlanet during lunch today and came across and interesting picture of Grima.

Possible spoilers for RotK, I hope )
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I ran across these two wonderful articles on TTT. I found them on TORN -- my first choice for all things LotR.

This first one is one the differences between books and movies and how things need to be done differently in different mediums. It's written by "Quickbeam" over at TORN and you can go there to read it. It has the links to all the original info and such. Of course, because I don't trust links sticking around, you can click here )

The second article is by Johah Goldberg, entitled "Movies & Metaphors". It is wonderful and can be found at National Review Online. While the original work has links to all the articles and references mentioned, but I also copied it in case the link don't work. So, if you want, you can just click here )
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Finally filled up my icon quota with this one:

Pic from [ profile] finabair, icon pusher queen. I'll take the blame for the caption, so don't pick on her for that.

Don't have a clue when I'll use it, but he's pretty.
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Never read Dork Tower at work because when you laugh hysterically all the kids think you are more insane.

But Dork Tower rocks...

He Loves Us

Although it is very confrontational and not just a little insane for me to want to argue with a comic character and point out that Frodo wasn't offering the ring the the wraith, but was putting the ring on. The same way he tried to when hiding from the Wraith in the Shire, at Weathertop or in the marshes...

I'm okay now... really I am.
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I've been reading a lot of the comments about TTT lately, mostly 'cuz it's interesting to see how differently people interpret the same film and characters. The most amazing thing, to me, is how upset people are over the changes made to adapt the novels to a film format. I'm also astonished on how adamant some people are that things should not be changed for the way they are in the books. I'm also puzzled on how many people claim that they are "Tolkien Purists" and that the books should not be changed, altered or interpreted in any way.

Tolkien Purism - cut 'cuz it's longish )

I recently heard a wonderful statement attributed to Tolkien (on my wonderful Christmas present, "JRR Tolkien: Master of the Rings" DVD) -- When CS Lewis claimed that myth was made of lies, Tolkien responded that wasn't true. Rather, he said, Myths told something so important that is didn't matter whether it was factually true or not. These books -- and movie -- tell us something so important that is doesn't matter if the details are the same or not, as long as the mythology is true.
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Went to see TTT (again) this afternoon. Went with my hubby and daughter this time (she's 9). She handled it very well cried when I knew she would. I was concerned about the Dead Marshes, but she seemed to deal with it. We will have to wait until she sleeps to find out for sure...

Anyhow, at one part when she was watching Aragorn she leans over to me and whispers: Daddy is just like Aragorn, you know. Then she goes back to watching the movie.

I think it's great. She thinks her dad is Aragorn.

How cool is that?

New Icon

Dec. 20th, 2002 08:31 pm
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Made new Icon.

It's Samwise.
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I wanted to post a review at TORN... so I did. If you want to read it, though, you can do so here )

No spoilage, really.
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I came across this rather humorous site: 50 Reasons Lord of the Rings Sucks.

The last one is my favorite... You just can't stop Hollywood producers from producing bad novel rip-offs of popular movies, now can you?
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The movie rocked!

And my thought about who Frodo was fighting in the shot with him in the sword was right.

It was so good. Good doesn't cover it. It was great. No, even that doesn't cover it. I need a new word, 'cuz it was... what ever that word would be.

On the other hand, the quarter inch of ice, the idiot that drove into us and the fact that, right now, my hubby is driving to work dispite all the do not drive warnings its NOT cool.

Need to gather my thoughts.
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Found this on TORN and thought I'd post it here.

Questions and Answers )

The Cosmo (local theatre) is having a midnight showing. I've got tickets. I still have to work the next day, but I'm sure I'll have more than enough energy to survive.


Dec. 13th, 2002 01:00 pm
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I've been surfing and reading the LotR fics. I found a couple that are good, some are just bearable and a lot are plain bad.

Still, I tend to stumble upon one or two that I read despite their faults, mostly because they are fun to read. The current one I'm reading doesn't understand how to format a fic and its a "Mary Sue falls into ME", but the grammar and spelling is tolerable. Plus, she has a nice cynical view on how she was going to mess everything up if they keep her with them. I really liked this bit:

I chose to wake up at the worst possible moment. Just before crossing the Bridge of Khazad Dum. I was and still am petrified of heights. I screamed and kicked and tried to struggle away . " I am not crossing that !!! Put me down ! "
"As you wish , " said Boromir .
"No no no don't leave me !!!!"
But Boromir was already half way across the bridge.

You know, I could see Boromir doing that.
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Time magazine featured The Two Towers in several articles that focused both on the movie and on fantasy in general.

After several paragraphs that covered the usual "Fantasy is childish and infantile and is a dangerously seductive and simplistic way to think" they end up on a more intelligent note than I would have expected. After all, it's a more acceptable and less challenging choice to simply dismiss fantasy as being a feckless desire for easy answers. I was surprised to see Time not taking that easy way out, but actually going through the effort to see LotR as not simply another children's story.

I really liked the ending thoughts:

And at its core, The Lord of the Rings isn't a story about frilly shirts and talking frogs; it's a tale about temptation. Frodo isn't a knight in shining armor; he's not even a wizard in a pointy hat. His only claim to fame, his sole superpower, is his uncommon ability to resist the seductive, corrupting temptation of the all-powerful Ring he carries. And as hard as he fights against that temptation, in the end he fails.

Is there a message there for contemporary America? As the world's only superpower, we're carrying the Ring on behalf of an entire planet, and our burden is every bit as heavy as Frodo's. Seen in that light, The Lord of the Rings looks like a very grownup story indeed, one that can't be told often enough.
Frodo lives
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This was the plan:

Wednesday, Dec. 18 -- Daughter at Grandparents house with my Dad watching out for her. Husband curling. Me and my mom off to see TTT.

Note please the word WAS in that introduction.

My mom just called me up. It seems that they have the chance to go see Sammy Kershaw on the 18th. She also mentioned that, in the group that was going, would be all of the usual people whom I would be able to use to watch my daughter while I am at the movie. I will point out that my mom was quite willing not to go to the concert if I really, absolutely had to go see TTT on the opening night.

My thought: Are you out of your mind? Of course, I bloody well have to go see it on opening night. How could I possibly sit through an entire day, avoiding spoilers, not talking to my friends who I know will have seen the movie, waiting until Thursday to go see the movie. The Good Lord knows I like anticipation and suspense and often looking forward to something is fun and exciting... but... but... *whimper*

What I said: Why no, Mom, it will be no problem at all. I certainly don't see a problem waiting, I mean the movie is going to play for a couple of months. You definitely have to go see Sammy in concert. We can go later.


The problem is not that I don't want to go see it alone. I have often went to movies alone. No the problem is: What do I do with Myr? She's nine and is dying to see the movie, but I will not take her to see it without seeing it first. I won't. It's not the "scary" ratio I'm worried about, it the emotional one.

I did take her to see Fellowship. But only after I told her the entire story and what was going to happen. As it was, she cried through Gandalf's death and absolutely wept when Boromir died. And she knew that was going to happen. Now, while I'm fairly sure that there is nothing like that going to happen in TTT, I need to know if there is anything I have to prepare her for in order for her to actually enjoy the movie.

So, as much as I would like to, I can't take her with me. And all the usual suspects for watching her are not available on Wednesday due to things like concerts and Christmas parties...

I need a plan.

What I really need is a midnight showing... that would solve my problems.

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and I'm afraid that listening to it may do more to spoiler-me than anything I could read.

It is just incredibly good. I can hear the last movie in it, familiar, yet different. The coolest part is I don't have to look at the titles, I can tell what each track is about just by listening to it.


Wednesday the 18 is my school's christmas concert. I'm not going. I really don't have to, I mean. I've only attended one in the 4 years I've worked here, but this is a definite Sorry, have other plans.

My hubby curls Wednesday, but not Thursday....

Maybe I can be talked into going again. :-) Plus, if he does manage to get off on the 20 and 21 and we go to Madison... can you say big screen. I love my theatre here in my little home town (general admission: $5), but I do want the big screen experience.

Just this:

Dec. 4th, 2002 09:26 pm
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Want. Movie. Now.

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I've decided to go "Spoiler Free" for TTT.


I realize that is an odd statement since I have read the book, obsessed over trailers and photos and collect the Trading Card cards... And I love spoilers. The big, general "here's a pic with Sam and Frodo and Gollum" wet-your-appitite-type spoilers.

What I'm trying hard to avoid all those specifics found in reviews and detailed spoilers.

You see, last year I went to see FotR with very little spoilage.

I walked into the movie and was blown away. It reminded me of all that I loved about fantasy and renewed my passion the the genre. I realize it won't be the same this time but I do want some of it to surprise me. I don't want detailed dialogue or movement by movement scene discriptions. I don't want to know what PJ added or tweaked or left out. I don't want to know how he fits the elves in or how he uses Arwen. I don't want to hear people moaning about how he possibly may, based on short clips and rumors, ruin Eowyn and Aragorn.

I don't want all of these thoughts running around in my brain.

I want to be blown away. I want to be surprised.

And I have complete faith that I will be.

If only I can avoid the spoilers.
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This is from the Poplular Science article that [ profile] finabair posted. It deals with Massive, computer program that is used to render the battles in LOTR. They are talking about the battle of Helm's Deep.

In the movie, the Orc army stands before the fortress, pounding spears into the ground. Rain falls, and the darkness is broken only by flashes of lightning reflecting off helmets. The battle begins, and sprawls across the screen until -- when all seems lost -- an unexpected . . . no, we're not telling.

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I went and pre-ordered the TTT soundtrack... special interent only edition. You can see it here. This version gives me special cards and special stuff.... way cool.

I'm addicted. And I don't want a 10 step program, either.

Unless there is something LotR at the tenth step.
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That my husband is reading the Silmarillion.

And he's enjoying it greatly.

I'm afaid that his enthusaism in talking about it will eventually lead me to read it. *sob*

Of course, I can always just use him for a reference.


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