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Cry Wolf

Quick Summary

Ray gets drawn into a case of a drugged-up TV star, Ty Gardiner, who tries to hire him despite Ray's misgivings. When faced with mobsters, Yakuza and feds, Ray find the most dangerous thing he has to face is Ty's self-centered stupidity.

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Any changes, additions or comments? Let me know. Please, feed my obsession.
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Hey, here is the thrid episode! I was hoping to get shorter with these as I went along but it seems I'm getting longer. Sad, really. Well, maybe not sad. This is a better recap... okay, the fact that I am even defending this. Yeah, sad.

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Here is the second episode of the season. I get a lot more out of the show when I watch it with this much attention to detail.

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In a desperate attempt to feed my "24" obession, I have recapped the first episode. If you want to know what happened, but missed the show -- here you go. There's personal comment dropped in here and there.

We'll see if I keep this up.

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