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Today I'm actually sharing two songs. They are both from one of my favorite albums ever, Red Dirt Girl by Emmylou Harris. I love every song on the album but managed to choose two that I wanted to share.

I love Emmylou Harris. Enjoy!

I Don't Want to Talk About it Now:

Bang the Drum Slowly:
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I used to do a "Song of the Week", then all my choices for file sharing dried up and went away. So sad. I'm trying this new one on the off hope that it will be around for a bit.

So now, for a bit, you all can once again marvel at my song choices and understand why no one ever lets me choose the playlist...

I love this song. It's very much who I am and what I think. I believe that things should be used, not put on display. Books should be read, toys should be played with, tools should be used. But then I come from a long line of pragmatic German farmers, so that could be expected.

"Stuff that Works", Guy Clark
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It's been a long time since I made a post like this, but that's because I didn't have the ability to do this on my old compy. But on my Shiny New Mac I can do anything and I want to start doing this again. I managed to download all the programs to make the songs available. So YAY!

Todays "Unknown Song of the Week" is from the Broadway musical (Tony award winning and all) Spring Awakening. Myr has a serious love for Broadway musicals and the national tour of Spring Awakening was in Wausau last week and Myr went down to watch it. (Student rush tickets are the Best. Thing. Ever). She loved it and immediately had to buy the album. She's been listening to it almost non-stop since then. Which means I've been listening to it almost non-stop, too. The music is good.

I really can't say that any one song is more my favorite than any other, but this is the one that has been running around in my head all day. It's not work safe. Just saying. *grin*

The whole musical is well worth looking into. Myr was very sad to learn that it was in Madison last weekend instead of this coming one when we will down there, because she would have so loved to have seen it again. The play it is based on is on her wish list for Christmas, though. She's cool that way.

As I tell Myr: if your screwed if you sit and do nothing or if you go ahead and act -- always act. It's so much better that way. And at least you get to DO something.

"Totally Fucked", Spring Awakening
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Keeping in mind that I live to be eclectic, I'm sharing some Dessa today. Wil knows what I like and he knew that I would love Dessa's stuff. Love her lyrics. IMHO, this is what spoken word/rap music should be - you don't just throw words together because they rhyme or sound alike. Words have meanings and in the hands of someone who knows how to use them (like Dessa) they are more than just music.

I also freely admit that I can relate to Dessa and her lyrics more readily than to most rap. There is only so much egoistical ranting from infantile males about how great they are before I start thinking that it wouldn't take much of a kick to have him lying on the ground, crying. Yeah. Best for me not to listen to most rap.

My favorite lyrics from this song:

"But you can't play for keeps
if you never draw blood.
You just brace and you breathe
You drive through the dust."

There are days -- hell, there are entire months -- when you just have to brace and breathe and drive through the dust.

"Dutch", Dessa
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I love Tanya Tucker songs so I think I'll share "Delta Down". This is one of my favorites, although I think "Would You Lay With Me" is probably my favorite, if I was forced to choose. Of course, "Blood Red and Goin' Down" is also a great song. Then there's "What's Your Mama's Name" -- a song that will break your heart everything you hear it. I do also have "Lizzie and the Rainman" which is, basically, a retelling of The Rainmaker and even with out getting to watch Burt Lancaster in action, it's still a good song.

Tanya was the original "teen country star". She was 13 when she recorded this song -- only 15 when she recorded "Would You Lay With Me (in a field of stone)". Which means I was 7 years younger than that when I first heard and fell in love with her songs. She never lost her fan base and despite the fact that contemporary country radio is deathly afraid of playing any music stars who are over 30 years old, she is still putting out good songs. iTunes was slow in catching getting good country music (I guess you really couldn't expect a bunch of citified, southern Californians to really understand country music right away), it's really coming around lately.

"Delta Dawn", Tanya Tucker
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One of my other favorite forms of music is Cowboy music (which is neither country nor western). I also love Cowboy Poetry, especially when it is spoken word.

I had, when I was teaching computers, a whole lesson plan built around the exploration of the west, the culture of the Native Americans and the mythology of the American Cowboy. The cowboy is probably the most uniquely American mythology there is. Because of that, it's often disregarded and belittled. What I find most interesting is that so many people condemn the cowboy and then go on to create characters that embody everything that cowboys were.

"From Whence Came the Cowboy", Sons Of San Joaquin
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Leaving country (old and new) behind for the moment, I thought I'd share a bit of my other work favorite song group -- soundtracks.

You may have heard of these songs if you've seen the movies, but they actually do sound different when they don't have visuals accompanying them. This selection (I love saying that) is from The Dark Knight Soundtrack, it's the 12th track, "Harvey Two-Face". The entire song is great, but it's the ending, particularly starting at 4:45 and going almost to the end, is wonderful. I have iTunes playing in the background at work and that bit always catches my attention.

"Harvey Two-Face", Dark Knight soundtrack
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I seem to be on an every other week schedule, a consistency that is rare for me.

I'm still in a country mood -- and let's face it, most of my flist will never have heard most of even the most popular country songs, so I have less of a chance of contradicting my title if I stick to country. Besides, I feel like sharing and I'm often a country girl at heart.

My favorite line from this song:

Now our windshield’s a painting that hangs in our room,
Changes with each mile like a radio tune

I love the idea of the freedom of living on the move, the call of the next hill, the next town, the next unseen vista. I also love the independence of it all, just relying on yourself to get along. Yes, I blame the fact that I read way too many westerns growing up.

"Rodeo Moon", Toby Kieth
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Didn't get one posted last week, but I'm not going to post two this week, so don't panic.

I love most of Ray Price's work, his voice is one of the iconic country sounds out there. This song, however, is a recent offering from Price and is the reason I called these posts "unknown" song of the week, rather than "old".

I really can't describe this song, while the lyrics are definitely on the depressing side, the song itself isn't depressing. The music is patently country in sound, with piano and fiddle and steel guitar. It's more "night club" country than "honkey tonk" country.

One of the most interesting things about country music is that there are many different sounds that are all distinctively country music. I often think that country is more of an attitude than sound, but that's not completely true either because a lot of metal has a county attitude, yet would never qualify as country.

Anyhow, here is "Time" by Ray Price:
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In my ongoing mission to illustrate that I have nothing in common with my flist (nor, perhaps, all of livejournal), I've decided that I'm going to post some links to some of my favorite music. Not withstanding the fact that I'm currently listening to Queensryche, I'm going back to my roots and share music I that will lay odds no one who is reading this has ever heard of: old country music, to be specific. This post talks about about what I like in music, although I'll point out that I listen to almost any type of music provided it has a melody and lyrics I can sing along with (or at least understand).

My first selection is a song that illustrates one of the things I love best about country music -- it doesn't have to make sense. This song came out when I was five, so I will use that as an excuse for my mad love for it.

"Tennessee Bird Walk", Jack Blanchard, Misty Morgan



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