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It's a little late, but I was rooting for the Giants. I'm from Wisconsin bleed Green&Gold with pride, but since we didn't make it there (this year), I'll be happy to support the Giants.

I actually do love football and it is much less stressful watching the Super Bowl when I'm not invested in the winner. We had the party out at my folks house, made Gumbo for the meal. We've been making Gumbo for the Super Bowl food ever since the Packers played in '97 down in New Orleans.

It was a good way to spend the day.

Training camp starts in August, right?
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On and off all day today. Yay me! Do I win a prize?

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Yeah, that dates me. I don't care. You youngin';s don't know nothin'! *grin*
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Heck yeah. And if it were really haunted, I bet I could get some reality TV show interested and I could make a little extra money on the side.
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Yes. Lots of them, in fact. I tend to get a song stuck in my head. If it fits my mood or my current writing atmosphere, I'll set it on one song repeat and let it go. If I ever think "Hmm.. didn't I just hear this?", then I'll take it off repeat and let it go to whatever is next.

This is why I have songs that have played hundreds of times on my iTunes. I'll do this with albums or short playlists, too. There are some songs that need to be dispersed among other songs or they become monotonous (to me at least) but if I love a song, I can listen to it forever. Or at least 20 times.
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OH! I like this one. My Real Name (TM) is Rebecca Kludy. Once, a long time ago, I worked for a law firm and one of the associates took to calling me Partly -- as in "Partly Kludy". Way back when the internet was first invented (say the early 90s) I needed a screen and email name to use with AOL (king of the Internet at that time). I went with PartlyK.

I shortened it to Partly for most things (except email) after that, but I've been Partly or PartlyK in everything since that point. Surprisingly enough, not that many people use an adjective as a screen name and I can usually sign up any place as Partly. If that happens to be taken (and it's irritating when it is) I know I can get in as PartlyK.

I have a great deal of fun with it. So many plays on words are available to me. My favorite line is "I'm Partly everywhere on the internet". Which garners all sorts of great responses.

I also like it because it's difficult to do a hard-name search for me on the internet. Go ahead and try. Type in "Partly" and see if you can find out anything about me. *grin* PartlyK will actually give you a few things that I do. I suppose it could be a drawback, not being able to be found, but right now I'm not looking to be found, so I'll take it.

Quite a few years ago, I talked to someone at AOL about an issue with my account and he looked up my name and commented that I was "one of the originals" who signed on with AOL. I've had Partly as a handle for close to 20 years. That's actually longer than some on my flist have been alive.

I have no desire to change handles at this point. I can't think of anything that would fit me better.
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"A Christmas Together" by John Denver and The Muppets.

Best album ever! If I could only listen to one album during Christmas, this would be it!
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Absolutely. And it varies greatly because we celebrate Thanksgiving the way we celebrate all our holiday/birthdays/parties -- come as you are, stay as long as you like, eat anytime and bring a friend. Food is always served buffet style. There is no sitting around a big dining room table. There's no specific "arrive" or "leave" time. There's talking or tv or games or playing outside with the dogs. The party is out at my folks because they have the space, but it would do it the same way here.

This year we're not even having turkey -- we're doing chicken with some ham. We have a turkey, but we're keeping it for later. Just the way things worked out this year. We have our necessary food extras -- all the things that are much more important than the turkey. Things like: squash, rutabaga, or special potatoes (either mashed or riced or something), salad.

The most interesting thing about our Thanksgiving meal is that there is no food that we only serve on Thanksgiving. There's food that we may only serve for parties -- say Cheesy Potatoes or Ramon Noodle Salad. But that's mostly because they are large serving type foods, not because their "special". I'll made squash or rutabaga wen I get hungry for them because their good food. Plus that's what fall is for -- really good veggies like that.

The one thing that has changed over the years is that my family no longer hunts on Thanksgiving. Whitetail season is going right now and it used to be that everyone would be out hunting. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Not just the men. I've hunted. My mom has hunted. The women in my family are as good at hunting as the men... well, except for my dad who is a great outdoorsman. But you drop any of us into a survival situation and we'd do well. I don't hunt any more and I married a non-hunter. My dad bow hunts only (and that's not during gun season) and my brother is off to California this Thanksgiving, so we don't have to think about that this year.

All in all, we're very mellow about our Thanksgiving. It's not a "event". It's a party.

If you're in the neighborhood, you're welcome to stop by!
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I'd rather be rich.

I don't want to be "Super-smart". I know people who are super-smart. They walk around not understanding most of the world. Not relating to most of it. True brilliance is as much of a curse as it is a blessing.

Give me money. I can do things with money. I can build and share and help people. Hell I can do dumb things with it that make other people happy. I still be able to relate and understand the 99.9% that live in this world who are as average as I am. I can set up trust funds and foundations that allow all those "super-smart" people out there to do what they do. Me? I'll go fishing. I'll talk to the guy walking down the street. I'll hang out at a football game or help out with the local 4-H. I'll toss money at lost causes and plant trees and the like.

That said, I don't think the question is exactly fair. "Super-smart" and "Super-rich" are really not comparable.

Being Super-smart is who you are. How you think defines you. How you think influences how you see the world, how you interpret the world and the people around you. It colors every aspect of who you are and how you interact with others and the world around you.

Being Super-rich is merely an adjective. It doesn't change who you are. It doesn't change how you view the world or how you interpret the world or the people around you. It does change how you are able to interact with the world, that's true. It will allow you to do so much more. But it doesn't change you, not fundamentally.

And if anyone is willing to toss a whole lot of money my way, I'd be glad to prove that. *grin*
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No. And it's not a question of getting hurt, it's a point of trust, privacy and honesty.

I either trust the person I love or I don't. If trust them, then I trust them. If I don't, well then I should leave them. End of story.

It always bothers me that people say "He/She was lying to me and I didn't know it. How can I trust him/her again?" If you only trust someone because you always know when they lie, then you don't trust them at all. In order to trust someone you have to allow them their privacy, their own secrets. You have to allow that they may be lying, but that you trust they aren't. The greatest gift of trust is allowing the person you trust to be their own person. Do you risk getting hurt? Yes. But in exchange for that risk, you get something amazing: their trust and the chance to be your own person.

To me, one of the most important rights of being an individual is that I belong to me. My thoughts, my actions, my secrets-- they are mine. They are what make me me. They are mine to keep, to share or to hide away. That privacy, the ability to keep my things mine, well, stealing that from me would be a unforgivable betrayal of who I am and I would never do that to anyone else.

And there's always that little matter of honesty. Too many people don't understand honesty. They consider honesty to be knowing all the details and minutia of a situation. But honesty is so much more complex than that. Magically stealing everything about you, doesn't give me the truth of things. It doesn't make you honest and it certainly doesn't make me honest. Honesty comes from the telling, from the sharing, from the connection that is made by the willing and desired sharing of information.

Who I am and what I choose to share of me with others is a gift. Just as who they are and what they choose to share with me is a gift. I've no right to take that away from someone else. And to do so because I say that I love them is a perversion of the concept of love.

In My (Not So) Humble Opinion, anyhow.
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I'm not qualified to answer this question. I've never had a serious break up. In fact, I've only had one serious relationship in my life - and I'm still married to him. It'll be 21 years in October.

I met Wil when I was 23, so I had a life of my own and I know what it is to be by myself. I had plenty of time to have as many relationships as I wanted. I just didn't have one. I was both happy and content with my life. I didn't sit around thinking "Something is missing" -- or at least not very often. And never to the point of it being a "need". You could say that I'm very guarded in my dealings with people. And not very trusting. I'll be your friend and I'm a good friend. But it takes a while. I'm very private and I don't open myself to very many people. And a serious relationship -- one that would hurt if we broke up -- requires that kind of sharing. I'm not built that way.

More than that, there's a difference between being alone and being lonely. I was often alone; I was rarely lonely. I also realize this sets me apart for a lot of people. And it really pushes me into the "not a girl" category that I often reside in. Perhaps it's because I'm too damn stubborn. I am who I am, after all. Despite my feelings of being frayed and panicked and my recent posts of moroseness, I'm secure in who I am. I will sacrifice for those I love. I will put the needs of my family above my own wants. But I would always rather be me and be alone, than be a shadow of me in order to be with someone else.

I know this isn't what the question was asking, but I always find it interesting when people say, "Well, we've all been there." Because I haven't. I understand the pain of losing someone you love. I know grief and abandonment. I understand feelings of inadequacy and feeling undesirable and unloved. I've been there. But the whole break up thing? I've never been there.
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Legal drinking age in Wisconsin is 21. I've mixed feelings about it. I was the last year that was able to drink at 18 and really feel that 18-year-olds ought to be mature enough to drink. On the other hand there are so many examples of asshat binge drinking and the glorification of near-death-inducing levels of alcohol intoxication that it's almost hard to support that opinion.

The most telling statistic on the drinking age is the drastic drop in drinking related deaths in the 16 & 17-year-olds. It seems that a lot more 16-year-olds know 18-year-olds than they do 21-year-olds.

I feel bad, in a way, that my duaghter won't be able to drink (legally) until she's 21. I feel worse that where alcohol is concerned the general behavior of young adults (and nopt-so-young adults) is so insanely stupid that it's necessary to have the drinking age is 21.
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I don't want to be invisible. I feel invisible often enough in my life, I don't want to actually be invisible.

But even more than not wanting to be unnoticed, ignored or unimportant, there is no one I want to spy on, nothing I want to steal and no reason for me to hide. I have no desire to skulk around and spy on people. There's no secret I need to uncover. Thievery eats at your soul, even if you can't get caught. If I really had to get away, I wouldn't need to be invisible, I'd just tell everyone I needed to get away. The demands on my time are all internally motivated and come from my own personal desires not other seeing me and forcing me to be something I don't want to be.

I suppose I could sneak into movies or plays or museums, but what's the point in that when you can't share it with anyone. Being invisible forces you to be separate and I would just hate to sit around and see people doing things I'd like to join in on only to be unable to.

Nah. Invisibility offers me nothing.

Flying, on the other hand, that would rock.
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I make my own luck. To really be lucky, you can't rely on some thing to give you luck, you have to have the luck in you.
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I have no answer to this. I can't think of one person who would qualify as having hurt me enough to fit the bill. Quite honestly, all the most traumatic and hurtful moments in my life came from me, things I did or situations that I allowed myself to become involved in. It's hard to confront people about something that is ultimately my responsibility.

I am also a very private and reserved person, especially when it comes to forming relationships. I don't allow people to get close to me easily. There is only a handful of people in my life that are close enough to me to hurt me the way that would qualify for the question. None of the people who I have ever allowed to get close to me have ever betrayed that trust.
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I have an answer to this! Actually, I have many answers to this, as I pride myself on being creative to solve problems. Mind, I've never been as chemically adept as dear old Mac, but I can hold my own with mechanical improvisations.

My favorite tale comes when I was young and was off on a fishing trip with my family. We had this old Jeep/Scout (well, it wasn't old at that time) that we always towed the boat with. We were heading up to some little lake way back in the northwoods of Harrison Hills when the car started making this clunking sound and refused to go.

Turns out that our distributor cap broke (don't ask me the details as to how, 'cause I don't know). So there we were sitting out in the middle of no where with no way to call for help. After much searching for a solution, my mom pulled out the first aid kit and we used band aids to "tape" the distributor cap back together. It started and held through getting us home. In fact, it wasn't even showing any signs of wear after the trip back.

What this taught me:
1. The greatest gift a parent can give their child it keeping cool in the face of adversity.
2. Never freak out. If you think creatively enough, you can work your way out of anything.
3. Band aids are damn tough.
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I would never go to high school again. Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate high school; I don't have any bad memories of it and I do have some good ones. But I would never want to be in that limbo of child/adult again. I would never voluntarily go back to that crazy emotional state that comes from being a teenager. It's hard enough being a parent of a high schooler and I'm only getting the crazy second hand.

Quite frankly, I don't know how anyone survives high school. I certainly don't know how anyone does it when they have chaos in their home life.

I like being an adult. You may have to work for everything you have, but no one can tell you that you can't stay up all night playing video games or that you can't go to a midnight movie. You don't have to ask permission to get a new dog or buy sea monkeys. You can put whatever you want up on your walls and go fishing every weekend.

Take it from me, adulthood is way cooler than high school.


Nov. 1st, 2001 10:21 pm
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I'm not going to write tonight. I've got more things to think about than I can deal with.

I hate being grown up.


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