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The most recent TV Guide had a short bit (under "Highlights") that focused on Hawkes. I'll share the bit, because it's short, but cut it because it may spoil ) However, it was the quote they had next to his (extremely nice) picture that caught my attention:

"I have a scene with Gary Sinise that is one of the most powerful I've shot. It's rare that two male characters on a procedural have a conversation about something that's going on in their own hearts or personal lives." - Hill Harper

I find the relationship between Hawkes and Mac to be one of the most interesting on the show. While Hawkes obviously respects Mac and gives him the deference due to the head of the lab, Hawkes never seems intimidated nor put off by Macs attitude or behavior. In fact, he often treats Mac as an equal, both professionally and personally -- openly discussing topics that I don't see any other member of the team casually discussing with Mac (ie, the topic of assisted suicide, accusing Mac of losing his perspective on the case in "Murder Sings the Blues"). He also seems relatively unaffected by Mac's reprimands or criticisms (again in "Murder Sings the Blues").

What's equally, if not more, surprising is the way Mac responds to Hawkes. He shares personal information (about his father's death) and accepts Hawkes accusations and (non-apologetic) explanation of his behavior (Murder Sings the Blues") without comment. Mac not only respects Hawkes' eclectic knowledge (of things from mosquitoes to J-Los butt), but trusts him implicitly (with the flash drive, and before that with the information about the Mayor).

They are both very much alike and polar opposites at the same time. I'm thrilled to see that they are continuing to build on that complex relationship between Hawkes and Mac. And, as I adore both Gary Sinise and Hill Harper, I am really looking forward to this episode.
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Okay, it's not exactly a podcast because I haven't figured out how to set up the RSS feed. I'm thinking that libsyn is going to be involved eventually, but we will have to see.

For now, if you are interested in CSI:NY and want to hear me babble about the show for 12 minutes, here you go:

Partly's Commentary on CSI:NY 501

Thoughts included:
--What I liked about the show
--How guilt and innocence in this show has little to do with responsibility and evidence
--"God is a scientist, Lindsey"
--Flack (and his sister) rock
--Adam is becoming my favorite character
--CSI:NY is all about ambiguity of character, motive and guilt
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I was re-watching "Veritas" (love the CBS streaming video) and I realized that they did a great job in creating the character of Samantha Flack. CSI:NY usually does a fair job of making minor characters interesting, but with Sam there are some great possibilities.

She is a perfect example of a rebellious girl in a "good" family. She's pretty, cool and has just the right amount of anger and hurt to make her real. I also like that she was presented ambiguously. She could just be what she appears to be -- a nice person just trying to get by -- but she does run with a bad crowd. She poses an interesting dilemma: If she didn't know the type of person she loaned her car to, she's remarkably (and dangerously) naive for someone who lives the way she does. If she knew more about what was happening then she said, exactly how much did she know? Either scenario works for the character. I personally think that she knows more than she let on -- not that she was involved, but just that she "don't ask, don't tell me" policy when dealing with people: she doesn't care if you are breaking the law, she just doesn't want to know.

I look forward to seeing what they are going to do with the character in the future. There is so much potential conflict with her. What I'm looking forward to -- what I'm HOPING to see -- is a flawed Sam.

Her hurt in the show was very real. She obvious does have a lot to live up to and just as obviously feels that she can't. She feels left out of the family -- worse yet, she feels judged by her family. And she's not completely wrong. She lives life on the edge by choice and has been in trouble before. I'd like to see that continued. I'd like to see her as someone who gets in over her head, who makes impulsive "rebel" decisions that get her in trouble. Someone who is so stubborn, so determined to prove to her family that she is right in her choices, that she digs her own grave and does so with a determined smile, claiming all the while that she hadn't made a mistake.

She has so much potential to be an interesting character full of a great many conflict possibilities. I don't want her to be "bad", I just want her to be the wonderfully interesting, conflicted, not-perfect character she has the potential to be.

I have pretty good faith in the writers. I'm hoping that Sam gets the same type of "family" status that Reed has. The writers did good by him, I'm hoping they do good by Sam, too.
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Title: Just Dropping In
Fandom: Numb3rs, CSI:NY
Characters: Megan Reeves, Don Flack
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Fanfic, for fun, not profit.
Notes:I decided to take part in a Crack Crossover Drabblethon. Although I'm not sure what makes a crossover "cracky", I did like the prompt "Character 1 and Character 2 meet a compromising situation" It's not a drabble, really, as it's about 400 words. But hey, at least I wrote something.

It was everything Megan Reeves expected from a four star hotel in the heart of New York City: )
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GIP: Look at my pretty new icon! I still have 31 open icon slots so I think I can make a few more.

CSI:NY has become one of my favorite fandoms. I've long harbored a secret fangirl crush on Gary Sinise, add him to a crime show staffed with other characters I adore and make him an ex-Marine with all the lone wolf traits I love, and it's an all win situation.

That means, of course, that I'll cut for those less CSI:NY-inclined... )


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