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I was reading through my flist and ran across several year-end fic memes where people talked about the fic they wrote this year. Usually, I skim the lists and wish I had written enough to do one. Then it occurred to me that I may have done so.

To my surprise, I cam up with this year-long total of 39 fics. This includes drabbles, but I also think that I may be leaving off a fic or two.

How could that be, you ask? It turns out that I write fic for comms or contests but never get around to posting them. Of those 39 fic, I'd say only half are any place that I could actually link to them. I'm working on changing that, but it actually requires more effort than you would think.

Anyhow, once they are all up where everyone can read them, I'll do the complete meme. However, just because I really find it hard to believe that I actually wrote this much, I'm doing a summary:

Total fics:

By Word Count: I wrote most of these on a 1000 word limit
100 (drabbles): 5
101-1000: 24
1001-5000: 6
5001+: 1

By Fandom -- It turns out I'm a totally multi-fandom girl
Crossovers (Not listed separately): 14
24: 1
Bones: 1
Leverage: 1
Walking Dead: 1
White Collar: 6
Burn Notice: 7
Supernatural: 8

I've also come to the conclusion that I really need a beta reader. While most of my fics have been for competitions and I can't have them betaed before I post them there, I should really have them betaed before I put them someplace else. I suck at line editing.

It's a good enough total, really. I'm hoping it's better next year.
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So glad to see you are being part of Yuletide! Thank you for writing a story for me. Please have fun because that’s why we write, right?

I love my shows )

TL:DR version: I want fanfic to fit into the tale that was told on TV or the big screen. I want more of the characters I fell in love with. Canon is a good, good thing. Friendship is the only ship that interests me because it’s the basis of everything else.

Recently I got a comment on a fic that said it was "competence porn". That is what I love in fic. I want my characters to be competent. Not perfect. Not always right. But competent. Good at what they're good at. Not stupid. Not inane. Not bully-ish. I like my characters to be competent versions of who they are.

I like characters who are smart and strong and flawed and gloriously human. The characters I like may do stupid things, but they are never stupid.

ETA: And I love, LOVE, LOVE crossovers. As long as the main focus of the crossover is a fandom I love, I don't care what show it's crossed over with. Of course, keeping in mind my complete and total love of cannon, this can prove a challenge. But the whole "outsider POV" is made so much more interesting when the "outsider" is someone we know.

Thank you!

Posted at the top of my journal because I only linked my journal and not a post. It will disappear in a bit.
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CBS Network
Round One Starts

Round One Starts

FOX Network
Round One
     LAS Comments )

     LAS Comments )

     LAS Comments )

NBC Network
Round Two

Original Fiction
Round Two

Round Two

Round One
     All Sad Words of Tongue or Pen John Winchester; Gen: PG

     Impossible John, Dean, Sam; Gen; PG
     LAS Comments )

     Human Castiel; Gen; PG

     Hunter's Discount Dean; Outside POV; PG
     LAS Comments )

     Through the Night Dean; Gen: PG
     LAS Comments )

I wasn't happy with this fic. I totally agree that the refrain didn't add to the fic. I took it off only to put it back several times. I didn't really like it, but I didn't come up with a different ending.

     If at First Dean; Gen; PG
     LAS Comments )

Syfy Network
Round Two

USA Network
Round One
     Good Enough Burn Notice; Team; Gen; PG
     LAS Comments )

     Live by the Sword Burn Notice; Michael; Gen; PG
     LAS Comments )

     It's a Man's World
     LAS Comments )

     Christmas Wishes
     LAS Comments )
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I belong to several "Last Author Standing" communities and in order to vote on the fic, you have to read it all. Now, unlike when I go off looking for fic to read for fun, I don't read the warnings or headings on these fic because, one, I'm going to have to read them all no matter what they say and, two, I don't want to go in with any expectations. I don't have a problem with this because while my heart belongs to canon-compliant fic, I have no triggers or issues that would make reading blind dangerous.

I've read a lot of different fic lately, stuff I would have normally skipped do to its warnings and descriptions. I've come to this (probably very obvious) conclusion: I don't see the world the same way most fic writers do. I'm not just talking characterization here. I know I tend to see my characters as stronger and slightly more well-adjusted that a lot of fans. No, I'm talking that what people understand as happening when they write the words is fundamentally different from what I understand is happening when I read the words. This is most obvious when it comes to slash.

There's been any number of fics that I've read that I've been totally shocked to find out were classified as "slash". There was no slash in these stories. None. There wasn't even a generic profession of love that could be taken as slash. There wasn't any internal thoughts of romance or desire or any like emotion. There wasn't any outside POV explaining how slashy the scene looked to them. Nope. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

I understand that I don't see slash in the shows the way a lot of people do. But this is fic, people. Stories that, presumably, the author intentionally wrote with the desire to have a slash relationship going on. Either they aren't writing what they think they are writing, or I'm really, really dense. It's a small thing I know, but right now I have the urge write these authors and point out that they really aren't writing what they think they are. It's not romance without a romance. It's not a death fic without a death. It's not porn without sex. In order for it to be slash, you have to write in a slash relationship. Just sayin'
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Over at [ profile] xoverland we were challenged to do a photo-manip picspam of "Five Unique Crossover Pairings". This is a real challenge to me because I don't do photo-manips or crossover shipping. Heh. But with my Shiny New Computer(tm) that has photoshop elements on it, I thought I'd give it a go. Plus I decided that if I consider Crossover Pairing to mean "characters I'd love to see interact in the same story" I could come up with five couples that aren't seen anywhere. Keep in mind that not only are my photoshop skills are average, but my preferred style of graphics tends to be the opposite of avant garde. *grin*

Auggie Anderson - Grace Van Pelt )

Alec Hardison - Penelope Garcia )

Stella Bonasera - Leroy Jethro Gibbs )

Parker - John Casey )

Aaron Hotchner - Ellen Harvelle )
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I should spend time geeking here about my new computer, but I'm saving that for later.

How 'bout a drabble/fic writing meme:

The first five people to comment on this post get to request a drabble of 100 words OR a ficlet of undetermined length on a subject/character of their choosing. In return, you're supposed to post this in your journal, but I won't make it compulsory. In return, just be amazing.

So, fan fic readers please feel free to post a prompt and not worry about posting this in your journal. Also, if responses manage to exceed five prompts and you really want something, don't hesitate to comment and I'll see what I can do. I also love crossovers so feel free to toss them my way.

Fandoms: Burn Notice, White Collar, Covert Affairs, Leverage, CSI:NY, Castle, The Mentalist, 24, Criminal Minds, SG1, the A-Team and Supernatural. If there's a show in my interests that we have in common, be daring and chose that. I'm up for anything. A new computer does that to you!

I'm looking to write something fun and challenging, so go for it!
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I totally fail at writing Haiku. At least I totally fail at writing Haiku tonight. I've been in a writing slump, which is odd because I've gotten a few warm, fuzzy feedback things lately. Real life is frighteningly real right now, though, so that may be the problem. However, because I can do so, I am going to ignore real life in my LJ. At least for right now.

I was surprised to get a note from GateFic Awards saying that my fic Necessary Sacrifices was nominated for an award. Yay, me. I love that fic. I think its the best fic I've ever written and I'm thrilled that people are still reading it. Especially since it's so damn long. All I'd have to do is make some graphics, throw in a music mix and I could claim a big bang entry. It's a lot to ask people to read a 53k fic.

Myr won't read it because she don't like that I have bad things happen to Jack. Oddly enough, I don't think I was all that mean, but I choose to take her avoidance as a compliment. I'm very happy with some of the POV things I did and I liked some of the little details I put in. I just read it through again and I didn't hate it, so that's a plus.

I want to finish a little White Collar/Burn Notice fic that I started on a lark. Right now I just have Elizabeth Burke meeting up with our favorite burned spy down in Miami. I've fallen in love with the idea and I'm going to try to work through my "I can't write" feelings and see if I can get it done.

And I have to how off my Auggie icon. I love the tattoo. I love the character. And you can never have too many icons of good-looking men. Or at least I can't.


Jul. 8th, 2010 10:03 am
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I wanted a "Justified" icon and started with every intent to make a Raylan one. Instead I ended up with Boyd. This isn't a bad thing for Boyd is an amazing character, it's just that I still need a Raylan icon.


I belong to Team Burned over in Caperland. The sig I made for that community is my favorite one:
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I've been writing fic with word limits lately (drabbles, double-drabbles and the like). I get the base of the story in and then I do a word count. I get really excited when it's under -- "Woo-hoo, I've got four words!" You can do a lot with four words, baby. Even more exciting is 12 words - that's a whole concept, a theme, a mood.

Yeah. I'm spending way too much time on these little bits of writing.

I will, however, share them all with you at some point.
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So I'm part of [ profile] xoverland and this time we could write ficlets up to 500 words. I was good. I finished one a week before deadline. I wasn't that good, though, because I wanted to write another one, so I waited to post both together when I finished the second one. That happened at 15 before the deadline. So I put the fic up the web and posted the links to the community.

Yay! I beat the deadline.

Then I found out that my fic didn't post properly. Went to fix that. Then went back to edit my community post. Only to find out that my community post really didn't post. *headdesk*

I got the post fixed and post, but I think that made me miss the deadline.

My computer hates me.
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Just drabbles, but still writing.

I joined [ profile] xoverland. It's a community where you write fic, make graphics and play games to earn points for the team you belong to. The best part is that it's all about the crossover, baby!

I'm hoping it gets me writing a bit more. I've been... unfocused as of late and that makes it hard to motivate myself to do anything.

Not sure if it will work, mostly because I tend to miss the deadlines for things (bad me). But I did manage to enter in the first fic challenge (good me).

The first challenge: write up to three crossover drabbles with the theme: kiss. Even though I hate the prompt (it really almost forces you to write a ship), I managed to write two. Yay, me! They will be posted shortly!
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There are some fic headings that just confuse me. Things like "Gen, slash if you squint". Huh? What does that mean? If I squint at the screen, suddenly the words "I'd do you in the backyard if I could" would appear? Maybe if I look at it cross-eyed the line "He loved him so much his heart would burst now if only he could have sex with him on the kitchen counter" will be visible? Either you write it slash or you don't write it slash. You can't control what people infer when they read your fic. Sexual innuendo is everywhere, that's what makes sexual innuendo so much fun. You don't need to give your readers permission to see slash in your fic any more than you can keep people from reading a slash subtext if that's what they see.

For that matter, if you intentionally write it, it's really not subtext. If you point out that it's there, it's not subtext. Subtext is a subtle layering of the story, it's there for the reader to interpret in their own way. If you bring the subtext to the forefront, it is no longer subtext, it is actual text. Subtext is that brave world in which an author allows the reader to create part of the story for themselves. It's where the writer releases control of what the reader sees and each reader can bring their own experiences, interests and desires into the story to make it uniquely theirs. It's what makes a good story great and allows the story to touch each reader equally, but differently.

Another one that confuses me? "Pre-slash". Isn't that just gen? I mean, if it's before the relationship, if there is no slash (ie no same sex romantic/sexual relationship) it has to be gen, right? Usually I find "pre-slash" means "much longing, angsting, sexual desire, and romantic cliches, but no actual sex." But isn't that slash, just PG rated slash? When that's not the case, it usually means "It's gen, but I want all the people who will only read slash to still read it". Quite honestly that probably what "slash if you squint" means, too.

I also enjoy the ever popular "pairings to be determined later", "possible sex in later chapters" and "rated: PG (for now?)". If you're writing the story, you need to know what the story is about. I know that a great deal of fanfic is crafted so that the writer receives the maximum amount of positive feedback. I also know that it's fun to write a story that fits someone else's requirements. But even then, you have to have a story in mind. It's not even just a case of having too many cooks, rather it's that each cook has her own recipe. No matter how good the ingredients are that you put in it, the result is going to be a mess. Sorry. Just the way it is.

Then there are those that a just confusing, like the one that prompted me to write this post: Rating: 15+ (T, PG-13). Vague sex. Profanity.

Yup. It's rated PG for vague sex. How, exactly, does that work? What constitutes "vague" sex? Quite honestly the words "vague" and "sex" don't go together. Would it just be descriptions of shadows on the wall? Perhaps, right in the middle of a scene, it switches to volcanoes erupting or trains going into tunnels. Is that how vague sex works?

Heh. There are times when the heading/warnings on the fic are better than the fic itself.
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I did this list for a crossover discussion on [ profile] spnroundtable. I thought I'd post it here because they are all good stories.

Keep in mind who I am. These are gen stories that stick close to canon (mostly) and are all about the characterizations. Since romance and porn usually bore me, I'm not going to recommend them. Crossovers do tend to be AU-ish, but the ones that go massively off track are labeled as such.

[ profile] jujuberry136 has two SPM/CM fics: The Time Has Come to Be Gone and When You are Done. They are both set more in the Supernatural world than in the Criminal Minds one -- although I really like how she merged the two in the sequel. Some of the things in the plot are AU enough make my canon-obsessed self squirm, but it's done so damn well that it doesn't distract from my enjoyment of the fics. The characterizations are amazing and she manages to make all the characters smart and valuable, something that is almost impossible when dealing with a crossover that has some many characters.

[ profile] art_savage wrote This Bitter Earth which is my favorite CM/SPN crossover to date. It's more Dean than Sam and she limits the number of CM people involved but, IMHO, it makes for a solid story that way. I hold out hope for a sequel. The very best thing about this fic is the wonderful characterization of Dean and of the boy's relationship at the end of season four. Dead on, but yet not completely lacking warmth and love.

Off LJ, kikkimax has two fics Defect and it's sequel Hell, and Back. Set after season two they are AU. I enjoyed the first one but in all honesty, I haven't read the sequel because it was so very AU. Remember, though, that my not reading the fic had nothing to do with the quality of the fic, but rather my inability to remove my canon blinders. I enjoyed the characterization in "Defect" and really liked how she used all the characters and her plot to get Dean out of his "deal with the devil". I also need to point out that I really don't like Gideon, but this fic made me forget that.

Over on, I like Hunters and Prey/Facade by PaBurke. It's short but good. Once again it's well-written enough for me to like Gideon. I really think she captures the difficulties the CM team would have if they would run to the Winchester brothers. Not in profiling them, but in dealing with the unknown that they are.

While searching for links for these recs, I also ran across a crossover by [ profile] buffyaddict13 called Haunted Minds. I haven't read it, so I can't exactly recommend it, but I plan on reading it and thought I'd share. ETA: This fic is a WIP. Sorry 'bout that. It is a wonderfully well written WIP, a tad more emo than I usually go for but well-written enough to keep me going. It's heavily Reid-centric, but (IMO) keeps him in character. I feel the need to point out that, without an ending I just can't call it a "rec" because the ending will determine if I would ever read it a second time and wanting to reread a fic is paramount to me reccing it.

Added via a comment: [ profile] baylorsr gives us Redux. Because of the type of fic it is, I'm only giving you her tease: "A Criminal Minds AU gen crossover. Takes place after 1.22, Devil’s Trap, immediately following the car accident. Agent Hotchner has been wanting to meet the Winchester family for a long time." It was well done and despite my dislike of AU fics, I will add my recommendation.

Added via [ profile] kuroaloeart: [ profile] lilaeth wrote Eat It, Twilight. It's a long piece (written for a big bang, I think) set in the fifth season of both shows. It takes a fairly harsh view of Twilight fans (or teenaged girls), but it's got the characterizations down pretty good. Fair warning: This is set between "Good God, Y'all" and "Free to be You and Me" and has all the issues that the boys had then.

I think that covers it. Hope you like them.

Oh... if you know of one that's not listed here, let me know. I've also ran across several NCIS and Numb3rs crossovers. I will share them at some future point.
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Three dabbles for my Drabble Meme. More will be coming.

For [ profile] fingers: An A-Team Drabble, One Last Time )

~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~

For [ profile] amilyn: a Forever Knight drabble, Getting Out )

~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~

For [ profile] amilyn: a Quantum Leap drabble, Schrödinger's Sam )

~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~ ~~ ** ~~

That was fun. More tomorrow.
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The sign-ups for the next Yuletide are open.

I'm still not sure if I want to participate. I don't enjoy most of the fic created from it, even though quite a bit of it is wonderfully written. I often feel like I'm venturing into a foreign country when I drop into Yuletide -- a land of people who look at fic differently, who read and write it for different reasons and purposes, who focus on different aspects of characters, people who almost speak a different language.

The only reason I'm considering joining is because I really liked the story I wrote last year. Some of my best writing, if only because I managed to say what I wanted to in under 1500 words. If I do join, I think I'll do it in order to be challenged to write something outside my usual comfort zone. That, of course, is a drawback right there. I'm completely aware that I don't see shows or characters the same way most fans do and I'm always afraid that they won't be what the requester wanted. For that matter, I'm always uncertain if my requests are the kind that people would enjoy writing.

Yeah, I know it's a lot of introspection over fanfic, but writing--writing anything--does that to me. It's totally beyond me why I want to do something that makes me feel so insecure and completely inadequate.

Yet, I do. I'm sure there is a mental illness that covers that.
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This was quite a surprise to find in my mail this morning:

Don't that beat all. I wasn't even paying attention to the Jackfic awards. Or to fandom in general.

I'm totally floored.

If you feel like reading it (and you haven't already) it can be found at Jackfic or Don't feel obligated to do so, though. And if you have read it. Thanks!

I'm all *glee*-y.

This means I should write more, right?
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I took some time today to choose my fandoms for Yuletide.

I did find six fandoms I liked, but I kept wishing for a different type of request: the non-ship request or at least a non-favorite fic-character request. For example, I'd like to be able to nominate '24', on the stipulation it's about Jack. I'd like to see some CSI:NY fic about Mac or Flack or Danny that doesn't involve one or all of them getting laid or thinking about getting laid or almost getting laid. I know that Firefly had a whole lot of sexual tension going on but that was in addition to damn fine plots, and I sure would like to see some Zoe or Book fic because they are fine characters.

I fear saying that I'd write a Simon and Simon fic because the request may be that the brothers sleep together or almost do or even just want to. And you don't even what to think what they want from Winnie the Pooh fic.

I'm so tired of the cutesy little names that come from fic: Chlack, DNA, Clex... Did I somehow end up in Middle School? Are we going to be singing the kissing song next? I'm tired of crossovers whose sole purpose is to write a sex scene with two good looking actors/actresses.

I want plot. I want characterization above the "what gets you hot" level. I would like conversation and dialog that may actually be on an intellectually adult level rather than an x-rated adult level.

I know that fanfic isn't about great writing; it never has been. But I would like to see the characters I love, actually acting like the characters I love. Fanfic used to give me that.

Now? Not so much.

I miss that.
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I admit it. I'm really enjoying one of the "improbable" crossovers.

Sling Shot is a Stargate/LotR;FotR. It drops our intrepid SG-1 into Rivendell and sends them along on the Fellowship.

It actually works. They slight Samwise the telling (of course, I'm biased) but everything really follows the movie, with some shifting for the presence of Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c. Nothing is Mary Sue-ed.

Now, I haven't finished it. Fair warning, it's not completed and I'm feeling that it's going to end up as a Sam/Legolas ship fic -- there's this one line where Sam is thinking about her "thankfully short-lived infatuation with the Colonel", I'm not feeling a lot of Sam/Jack love there.

I'm hoping that, if she goes that way, it will be kept short. Ship annoys me.

But still. Love for it so far.
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I'm reading fic and it's well written and interesting, but it has an underlying injustice and helplessness to it. Like the person who's writing it has the fundamental belief that good never wins; that the right thing may be what some people aim for but in the end the world is cruel and heartless; the best you can hope is that you accept that and try not to be bitter. While I greatly appreciate that there is none of the usual wallowing in angst over the injustice of life, there is not struggle to make things better either.

There is also the underlying thought that people -- even the people who care about you -- cannot understand you and, therefore, none of their actions will ever, truly matter. It's one of those fics where the POV character is always right and misunderstood and tries his/her best, but the other character's behaviors are always as self-serving, less-than-adequate, and half-hearted. Or else done out of pity and guilt.

That's not unusual for fanfic, as fanfic often takes the worst possible view of everyone's actions or else spins them in such a way that the actions are hollow and meaningless. The unique thing about his fic is that it has a changing POV. Usually the writers of such stories have one character and that one character is the misunderstood outcast that wonders through life being wronged and alone. This fic changes POVs so that there are now five such people wondering around. And, most confusingly, they are alternately, the misunderstood and the one who just 'doesn't get it'.

I get no pleasure from reading such fic -- no mater how interesting the plot is. I understand being a misunderstood outcast, feeling that no one in the world could ever know how I feel or appreciate the aloneness that comes from being unique or living in a area where most have no idea what 'fandom' is. But that doesn't mean I can't relate to them at all, on any level. And it doesn't mean that they can't ever relate to me, either.

Most importantly, it doesn't mean that their actions are lessened by that lack of understanding. If I'm feeling down and someone empathizes and brings me a cup of coffee or a chocolate bar to help me feel better, that action is worth something, even if that person really doesn't have clue why I'm feeling that way.

It's a tendency to paint everything in the worst possible light in order to make the main character sympathetic -- not by having them behave in a sympathetic way, but by having everyone else be completely unsympathetic. It also makes the main character's actions right because everyone else is incapable of seeing the real problem; thereby eliminating the need for the author to truly justify the actions.

You want me to like your character? Then make him/her likeable, don't make everyone else a bunch of jerks. Otherwise, in the end, I won't like anyone.
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Rambling. I mean it. Just me babbling on about all the things that won't work in my fic. In which I discuss my plot and try to discover a motivation for my fic )

Please ignore. I'm only posting it because it's part of my ten-step program to getting things done. One more thing to check off my to do list.


Feb. 9th, 2004 10:23 am
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This was written as a challenge to envision one of your LJ pals as a television show and then write a short summary about the fandom for that "show". I chose to use [ profile] finabair because she is awesome and because I can do so without fear.

Everything you want to know about the fans for the show "I Should Sleep", featuring Finabair (aka JediJennJenn) :

The fans of "I Should Sleep" are known as JediJennFen. The JJF, while all being shippers at heart, tend not to be when it comes to this show. Some claim that's because the casting office does a lousy job of providing compatible male supporting character -- heck, usually even the extras and walk-ons aren't well cast. But it goes deeper than pure casting, though. It also has to be acknowledged that the JJF also acknowledge that Finabair is interesting and capable and that it is a disservice to the character to ship her with anyone who is less than a match for her.

Despite the numerous slash fen found among the JJF, there is surprising little slash written in the I Should Sleep fandom. This is an especially odd due to the fact that I Should Sleep is rife with slash innuendo, lacks suitable "shipping" situations and is a female heavy cast. There was one fic, a college fic (back when the show ran on late night television in Madison), written by the roommate of [ profile] partly; however, since that fic was written as a condemnation of slash -- and for that matter, I should Sleep as well -- the author and story were roundly wanked and the writer left the fandom shortly after.

There have been two dramatic instances of "Mary Sue-dom" in I Should Sleep fandom. The first, again back in the college days (during the seasons when the show was playing only locally in Milwaukee) was actually a "MARTY STU". It was an all out bid to become a legitimate shipper in the "I Should Sleep" universe. While the potential for conflict and angst were there, like all Mary Sues, this one collapsed under his own overwrought efforts and disappeared from the fandom. The second instant isn't so much one Mary Sue as it is a concerted effort on a sub-group of JJF (The "Touched JJF") to monopolize the time of the star. Various members of the group used all the well-known Mary Sue tactics: drama, crisis and over-the-top antics. However, with time (and lack of success) the "Touched JJF" have become much more manageable.

Outside of the one ill-conceived, time-traveling cross over with Happy Days, there is solid support behind the show and the I Should Sleep fandom is firm in it's belief that the show will enjoy many more years of success.

There have been some outstanding pieces of fanfic written for the I Should Sleep fandom. This attributed to the intelligence, creativity and "literary smarts" of the JJF. There is a whole series of fics -- the "My Life as a Con-Artist" that focus on the many trials, tribulations and hilarious antics the cast of I Should Sleep have at conventions. It is rumored that there were shipper fics written about several I Should Sleep cast members and guests that these cons, but since there has been no actual sighting of said fics, this has been dismissed as an Urban Legend. After the con series, Crossovers tend to be the fan favorite. While these fics do tend to dance along the edge of becoming shipper fics, the writers usually find that keeping the cast in character is much more entertaining.

Often our beleaguered star can be heard exclaiming, just as she is propelled back into her own universe: "But there was so much potential there! If only I wouldn't have had to save the Liberator from Servalan" or "If only I wouldn't have had to help rescue Han from the Death Star" or "If only I wouldn't have had to save the world from Bio-terrorism." That last line is actually from the award winning I Should Sleep with McGyver fic. There was a lot of chemistry in that fic, let me tell you.
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Found a good B7 fic. Well, actually, it's a Avon meets Voyager fic. And I could do without the shipping of B'Ellana and Avon. Still, it's got Avon nailed.

Xenogamy by Alicia Ann Fox.

I keep hearing Snape say his lines, too, tho.
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If I linked you here, I'm sorry.

The recs are actually here.

Sorry again.


Dec. 13th, 2002 01:00 pm
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I've been surfing and reading the LotR fics. I found a couple that are good, some are just bearable and a lot are plain bad.

Still, I tend to stumble upon one or two that I read despite their faults, mostly because they are fun to read. The current one I'm reading doesn't understand how to format a fic and its a "Mary Sue falls into ME", but the grammar and spelling is tolerable. Plus, she has a nice cynical view on how she was going to mess everything up if they keep her with them. I really liked this bit:

I chose to wake up at the worst possible moment. Just before crossing the Bridge of Khazad Dum. I was and still am petrified of heights. I screamed and kicked and tried to struggle away . " I am not crossing that !!! Put me down ! "
"As you wish , " said Boromir .
"No no no don't leave me !!!!"
But Boromir was already half way across the bridge.

You know, I could see Boromir doing that.


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