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More graphics from my entries over at [ profile] tvrealm. I usually don't do graphics because my skills are very lacking, but I'm happy with these, so I'm sharing.

We had to nab a lyric from lyrics2liveby and create something from one of the lyrics. I made this with a ridiculously gorgeous screencap of Dean Winchester:

(Click for a larger size if you want)

We also had to do some "photobombing". I chose to put John Reese in with White Collar and CSI:NY. I think they turned out pretty well considering how much I suck at doing this sort of thing:

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For [ profile] tvrealm, we had to do a "My Life, My Way" challenge where we got to chose TV Characters populate parts of our lives. Since I don't hate the way my entry turned out, I thought I'd share it here. My life would be populated with very dangerous and usually well armed people...

Click for my life! )
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Over at [ profile] xoverland we were challenged to do a photo-manip picspam of "Five Unique Crossover Pairings". This is a real challenge to me because I don't do photo-manips or crossover shipping. Heh. But with my Shiny New Computer(tm) that has photoshop elements on it, I thought I'd give it a go. Plus I decided that if I consider Crossover Pairing to mean "characters I'd love to see interact in the same story" I could come up with five couples that aren't seen anywhere. Keep in mind that not only are my photoshop skills are average, but my preferred style of graphics tends to be the opposite of avant garde. *grin*

Auggie Anderson - Grace Van Pelt )

Alec Hardison - Penelope Garcia )

Stella Bonasera - Leroy Jethro Gibbs )

Parker - John Casey )

Aaron Hotchner - Ellen Harvelle )
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More picspam (this time with words). In honor of "Peter Burke Appreciation Day" (Tim DeKay's birthday) and for [ profile] caperland I present:

Peter is a good guy. Nice. Friendly. Honest. )

Besides, find someone else who can look that good next to Neal Caffery
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My icon shows how much I love Fiona. And I do love Fi.

However, for me, my Burn Notice love is all about one person: Michael Westen

Not to seem shallow, but Michael looks good doing just about anything: )

I made this for [ profile] caperland. We were suppose to do a picspam on why we love our show -- in this case, Burn Notice since that's the team I belong to over there. Now I usually avoid graphics because I obsess over them, because I don't have screencaps, because I think my graphic skills suck and because I have to use Myr's computer to do them. However, I stole Myr's computer today when she was off at the Bellin 10k and I was hanging at Dorkfathers. So here is my first picspam. It doesn't look too bad, even though I think it could have used a more specific theme and I did nothing to make the pics look artistic.


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