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We have been spending the week in Madison, crashing at the apartment of the wondrous [ profile] finabair. She doesn't seem to mind three independently minded house-guests.

Actually, [ profile] mosestaff had to work today so he had to leave last night, but Myr and I are down here until Friday. Yay, us. *Hugs*, [ profile] mosestaff.

The main reason we are down here is because Myr's Grandmother (Wil's mom) paid for her to go to a sailing day camp that is offered through the University of Wisconsin's Memorial Union. It’s sponsored by the Union's Hoofer's sailing club.

I'm so glad to be able to come down here with Myr. She may be twelve and she may be able to attend a sailing day camp in a different city with a bunch of kids she's never met, but she's really a home-body at heart. Much like me at her age, she hates sleeping anywhere but her own home. JennJenn’s Fortress of Solitude makes a good 'home' substitute as long as I'm around (although I think she'd be willing to go home anytime now). Besides, my being here helps out Grandma and Grandpa (who both work and are busy) with dropping Myr off at class and being able to pick her up when they can’t.

Myr is having a great time sailing and hanging with the grandparents. Wil and I got to spend two days bumming around State Street and hanging with JennJenn. We also did get to see a great movie: Cinderella Man. I totally loved the movie. Loved, loved, loved the movie. I also need to buy the soundtrack for it. With Wil gone, I was going to be writing today, but I got distracted with Barnes and Noble and lunch with a great friend. Well, worth it. I'll write tonight.

I'm having fun cooking for us. Somehow, cleaning someone else's kitchen doesn't seem like the same amount of work as cleaning up my own (of course, I don't have a dishwasher up at home).

I also forgot how much fun it is to drive a stick, even through Madison traffic. Which I know isn't bad, as traffic goes, but I've been living in a small town for many years now. I don't like any traffic.

I'm also hooking my daughter on Farscape and got to watch The Mask of Zorro with her. It's great that she's old enough to watch these things with us now. A fan in the making. I'm just thrilled that she enjoys the same things we do.

It's been good.
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He just bought me SG1 Season 6 off of ebay for cheap(er).


Yeah, yeah. I'm still missing Season 5 and I didn't buy Season 7. But Woo! so close to having closure on my obsession.

Besides Season 6 has Abyss. I so totally LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Abyss.

So. Much. Love. For. Abyss.

Oh, yeah.

Life is good.

And my hubby loves me.
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I am evil. And I am foisting my evilness off on others.

My husband is watching the first episode of SG1.

Obviously my (and my daughter's) obsessive obsessing over it has rubbed off.


Yep. My work is done.

Oh... I also made an icon for a contest in the [ profile] sg1_showdown community I belong too. Mind you, I have only seen one ep with Jonas, I just wanted to play around a bit.

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Went to see TTT (again) this afternoon. Went with my hubby and daughter this time (she's 9). She handled it very well cried when I knew she would. I was concerned about the Dead Marshes, but she seemed to deal with it. We will have to wait until she sleeps to find out for sure...

Anyhow, at one part when she was watching Aragorn she leans over to me and whispers: Daddy is just like Aragorn, you know. Then she goes back to watching the movie.

I think it's great. She thinks her dad is Aragorn.

How cool is that?
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That my husband is reading the Silmarillion.

And he's enjoying it greatly.

I'm afaid that his enthusaism in talking about it will eventually lead me to read it. *sob*

Of course, I can always just use him for a reference.


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