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Down in Madison again. This time so that Myr can go to a play with her uncle. We have to be back in Merrill by 1 pm on Sunday so it's a shorter visit, but we got to walk state street this afternoon, so that's great.

I get to spend tomorrow with the splendiferous [ profile] finabair. Well, tonight, tomorrow and a short time Sunday AM. We're going to start with steaks, baked veggies and mojitos tonight and it's all up from there!

Ho[e you all have a great weekend.
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The day is turning out okay. I should start there.

It's one of those good news/bad news intros. Kinda like when you call someone and the first thing you say to them is "Just know we're all okay". That's the good news, you see. After you share that bit of info, you go back and fill in all the problems/bad news that happened.

The bad news. )
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Gakked from [ profile] imbri6:

1) Comment here, and I'll list five things I associate with you.
2) Post this header in your own journal, and elaborate on the five things I mention.

I commented on hers and she gave me:

Ramblings ahead! )

Leave a comment and I will give you five words of your very own!
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Soon I'm off to chaperon a middle school dance. Why, you may ask, are you voluntarily going to spend three hours with 500 eleven-, twelve- and thirteen-year-olds?

Simple. My daughter asked me.

In an age when most twelve-year-old kids can't wait to ditch their parents, mine wants me to go with her.

So I go. A small thing to make my daughter happy.

Also note:

I'm missing my Firefly tapes. It's all [ profile] finabair's fault. You better be watching them, JennJenn!
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We have been spending the week in Madison, crashing at the apartment of the wondrous [ profile] finabair. She doesn't seem to mind three independently minded house-guests.

Actually, [ profile] mosestaff had to work today so he had to leave last night, but Myr and I are down here until Friday. Yay, us. *Hugs*, [ profile] mosestaff.

The main reason we are down here is because Myr's Grandmother (Wil's mom) paid for her to go to a sailing day camp that is offered through the University of Wisconsin's Memorial Union. It’s sponsored by the Union's Hoofer's sailing club.

I'm so glad to be able to come down here with Myr. She may be twelve and she may be able to attend a sailing day camp in a different city with a bunch of kids she's never met, but she's really a home-body at heart. Much like me at her age, she hates sleeping anywhere but her own home. JennJenn’s Fortress of Solitude makes a good 'home' substitute as long as I'm around (although I think she'd be willing to go home anytime now). Besides, my being here helps out Grandma and Grandpa (who both work and are busy) with dropping Myr off at class and being able to pick her up when they can’t.

Myr is having a great time sailing and hanging with the grandparents. Wil and I got to spend two days bumming around State Street and hanging with JennJenn. We also did get to see a great movie: Cinderella Man. I totally loved the movie. Loved, loved, loved the movie. I also need to buy the soundtrack for it. With Wil gone, I was going to be writing today, but I got distracted with Barnes and Noble and lunch with a great friend. Well, worth it. I'll write tonight.

I'm having fun cooking for us. Somehow, cleaning someone else's kitchen doesn't seem like the same amount of work as cleaning up my own (of course, I don't have a dishwasher up at home).

I also forgot how much fun it is to drive a stick, even through Madison traffic. Which I know isn't bad, as traffic goes, but I've been living in a small town for many years now. I don't like any traffic.

I'm also hooking my daughter on Farscape and got to watch The Mask of Zorro with her. It's great that she's old enough to watch these things with us now. A fan in the making. I'm just thrilled that she enjoys the same things we do.

It's been good.


Feb. 9th, 2004 10:23 am
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This was written as a challenge to envision one of your LJ pals as a television show and then write a short summary about the fandom for that "show". I chose to use [ profile] finabair because she is awesome and because I can do so without fear.

Everything you want to know about the fans for the show "I Should Sleep", featuring Finabair (aka JediJennJenn) :

The fans of "I Should Sleep" are known as JediJennFen. The JJF, while all being shippers at heart, tend not to be when it comes to this show. Some claim that's because the casting office does a lousy job of providing compatible male supporting character -- heck, usually even the extras and walk-ons aren't well cast. But it goes deeper than pure casting, though. It also has to be acknowledged that the JJF also acknowledge that Finabair is interesting and capable and that it is a disservice to the character to ship her with anyone who is less than a match for her.

Despite the numerous slash fen found among the JJF, there is surprising little slash written in the I Should Sleep fandom. This is an especially odd due to the fact that I Should Sleep is rife with slash innuendo, lacks suitable "shipping" situations and is a female heavy cast. There was one fic, a college fic (back when the show ran on late night television in Madison), written by the roommate of [ profile] partly; however, since that fic was written as a condemnation of slash -- and for that matter, I should Sleep as well -- the author and story were roundly wanked and the writer left the fandom shortly after.

There have been two dramatic instances of "Mary Sue-dom" in I Should Sleep fandom. The first, again back in the college days (during the seasons when the show was playing only locally in Milwaukee) was actually a "MARTY STU". It was an all out bid to become a legitimate shipper in the "I Should Sleep" universe. While the potential for conflict and angst were there, like all Mary Sues, this one collapsed under his own overwrought efforts and disappeared from the fandom. The second instant isn't so much one Mary Sue as it is a concerted effort on a sub-group of JJF (The "Touched JJF") to monopolize the time of the star. Various members of the group used all the well-known Mary Sue tactics: drama, crisis and over-the-top antics. However, with time (and lack of success) the "Touched JJF" have become much more manageable.

Outside of the one ill-conceived, time-traveling cross over with Happy Days, there is solid support behind the show and the I Should Sleep fandom is firm in it's belief that the show will enjoy many more years of success.

There have been some outstanding pieces of fanfic written for the I Should Sleep fandom. This attributed to the intelligence, creativity and "literary smarts" of the JJF. There is a whole series of fics -- the "My Life as a Con-Artist" that focus on the many trials, tribulations and hilarious antics the cast of I Should Sleep have at conventions. It is rumored that there were shipper fics written about several I Should Sleep cast members and guests that these cons, but since there has been no actual sighting of said fics, this has been dismissed as an Urban Legend. After the con series, Crossovers tend to be the fan favorite. While these fics do tend to dance along the edge of becoming shipper fics, the writers usually find that keeping the cast in character is much more entertaining.

Often our beleaguered star can be heard exclaiming, just as she is propelled back into her own universe: "But there was so much potential there! If only I wouldn't have had to save the Liberator from Servalan" or "If only I wouldn't have had to help rescue Han from the Death Star" or "If only I wouldn't have had to save the world from Bio-terrorism." That last line is actually from the award winning I Should Sleep with McGyver fic. There was a lot of chemistry in that fic, let me tell you.


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